CRMT - Loterija Slovenije - Case Study

by CRMT | Dec 09, 2019 | Case studies

"We were surprised by the speed and raw performance of Exasol, which became our standard analytical database." Robert Eržen, CIO, Lottery of Slovenia


Company: Loterija Slovenije, d. d.
Industry: Betting
Established: 1981
Number of employees: 58

Key Solution Component:

The Lottery of Slovenia (Loterija Slovenije) permanently organizes classical games of chance, and this field is governed by the Act on Gambling. By enabling socially responsible gambling, the company follows the balance between expectations and wishes of players on the one hand and the prevention of gambling addiction and the enforcement of the protection of vulnerable groups on the other. The Lottery of Slovenia has a concession for gambling, for which it regularly pays concession fees. Since this is a regulated activity in Slovenia, the Lottery of Slovenia, which is also the central organizer of lotteries in Slovenia, must report its business to partners and regulators – both at local and European level. The company creates transparent solutions and a well-organized environment, characterized by the uncompromising security of information, processes and personal data, and the highest standards of quality gambling.

Challenge - processing more than a billion records

Existing analytical systems and applications that were used by the Lottery of Slovenia were outdated and needed renewal. The change of the transactional system also contributed to a partial renovation of IT infrastructure and modernization of architecture, therefore Lottery of Slovenia decided to thoroughly revise the analytical environment, as employees wanted to work with new technologies and applications. The database of the Lottery of Slovenia already consists of more than a billion records.

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