CRMT - Mladinska knjiga - Case Study

by CRMT | Aug 08, 2019 | Case studies

“The speed of data processing is just incredible; analytic query processing operations that used to take 30-45 minutes are now done within just 5 or 6 seconds. The EXASOL solution makes real-time analytics a reality.” Sava Zibler, head of IT department, Mladinska knjiga Založba


Company: Mladinska knjiga Založba, d.d. 
Industry: Retail
Established: 1989
Number of employees: 249

Key Solution Component:



The Mladinska Knjiga Group is the largest publishing group in South-Eastern Europe, with a rich tradition stretching back more than 70 years. They are present in five countries and employ 900 people.


The company set out to deploy a data warehouse and introduce business analytics into its business in 2010. Over recent years, the amount of data the company has been processing has increased dramatically so that MKZ’s previous analytical solution just could not cope with the growth in demand.

The company went out into the market to find a more innovative solution. With its partner CRMT, the company examined various options and chose to test in-memory analytic solutions from five different technology providers.

MKZ studied the products available on the market, calling on an experienced database administrator for his input. He immediately recommended the EXASOL analytic database engine, noting that it would significantly reduce DBA overhead as the database is self-optimizing and automatically performs a large number of administration tasks itself.

During testing EXASOL they discovered these major benefits:

  • data processing took just two seconds (with the previous solution, it took them an hour and fifteen minutes),
  • the solution requires only ten percent of the data volume to be kept in memory.


When they deployed the EXASOL database in 2017, the company’s IT department had to do very little to make it perform. CRMT customized their ETL and syntax, which was a one-off task, and then they could start to see distinct advantages with the system.

Also, their business end-users suddenly had much faster reporting and data visualizations, with EXASOL delivering information to their MicroStrategy BI platform in a fraction of the time when compared to the previous solution.

All co-workers who are responsible for taking important business decisions were given full access to the new system. This was important because business analytics in Mladinska Knjiga Založba are being deployed across an increasing number of departments and employees.


Mladinska Knjiga Založba appreciates the following characteristics of the Exasol:

  • much higher quality of service for a comparable price,
  • ease of use,
  • the incredible speed of data processing

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