Data Date - 21. September

by CRMT | Sep 21, 2020 | Data date

Data Date is a speed date with our partners. Find out all the latest news, blogs, and events in one minute, then feel free to choose the topic you are interested in and go on a date...a data date.

CCH Tagetik

  1. Webinar: Manage your Current and Future Cash Requirements. Having a cash flow plan will help your business retain more cash and keep better track of your revenue. In this month’s Transformation Tuesday webinar uncover how your organization can reduce at least 70% of the manual work usually required to properly project your cash needs or cash surplus and transform your cash flow planning process. Register.
  2. Read: Five signs that you are losing control of your planning and reporting process. Discover if your company is truly data-driven. Read.
  3. Read: Your IFRS 17 Readiness Guide: 4 Things to Get Prepared Now. IFRS 17 represents one of the biggest and most significant insurance accounting change in decades. This standard is much more than a simple accounting change or a regulatory compliance exercise. Its impacts will run broad and deep across finance, risk, actuaries, and IT. Read.  


  1. Webinar: From data chaos to absolute clarity. Demystifying Data Management for the Business User. Register.
  2. Webinar: Talend Connect World Tour. Learn the strategies, techniques, and tools to get confidence in your data and in your decisions. Register.
  3. Demo: Try the Talend Trust Assessor for free. You need trusted data to get insights that drive better strategic decisions. Test.


  1. Webinar: Slovenian Steel Industry: Transitioning from Oracle to MicroStrategy. Discover why SIJ's IT team pushed to transition from Oracle BI to MicroStrategy. Register.
  2. Education: Get certified to help your organization better leverage MicroStrategy’s capabilities so you can deliver intelligence to more people, with better performance, and a lower total cost of ownership. Register.


  1. Podcast: DataXpresso - a podcast series for data professionals interested in building their career around data, analytics and technology. Tune-in.
  2. Read: The data-driven response to a crisis. In times of crisis like the current pandemic, every business needs to agree on a clear strategy quickly. But such disruption can make it difficult to know where to start. We’ve got you covered! Read.
  3. Read: Ebook: data strategy and culture: paving the way to the cloud. Organizations around the world are spending huge amounts of time deciding which deployment model to work with. But they cannot afford to make these decisions without having a solid data strategy and culture in place first. Read.

  1. Website: New website. Find the newest resources and everything about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Read.