Data Date - 24. August

by CRMT | Aug 24, 2020 | Data date

Data Date is a speed date with our partners. Find out all the latest news, blogs, and events in one minute, then feel free to choose the topic you are interested in and go on a date...a data date.

CCH Tagetik

  1. Read: Moving from the Monolithic Age in financial consolidation. Read.


  1. Gartner: Talend was named a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. For the 5th time in the row. Read.
  2. Blog: Redefining the meaning of Trust. The 5 elements of Trust with Talend. Read.
  3. Blog: Talend Data Fabric August ’20 release. Expanding cloud capabilities to meet the needs of today’s data citizens. Read.


  1. News: MicroMinute. A monthly newsletter from and for the MicroStrategy community. Read.
  2. Video: MicroStrategy solidifies its position in Mobile analytics. Petco company turned to MicroStrategy to deliver key insights directly to the shop floor. Watch here.


  1. Blog: What are GPU's and why do Data Scientists love them? Why is this happening and what are the advantages GPUs bring for data science applications? Read.