Data Date with Predictive Analytics

by CRMT | Oct 26, 2020 | Data date

Data Date is a speed date with our partners. Find out all the latest news, blogs, and events in one minute, then feel free to choose the topic you are interested in and go on a date...a data date.

CCH Tagetik

  1. Gartner: Magic Quadrant 2020 for Cloud FP&A Solutions. CCH Tagetik was named a Leader and was praised for both completeness of vision and ability to execute. Read.
  2. Meeting: Your Date with Predictive Analytics. All you ever wanted to ask about How to enhance Finance with Predictive Analytics. Join this online program and book a date with Predictive Analytics. Register.
  3. Read: Increasing risks in unprecedented times impacting profitability for insurers. Insurance companies need to know how to deploy the right technology for the right purpose or they risk being left behind. Prevention and protection are two areas to focus on for growth. Insurers will provide platforms to accommodate prevention and protection, and moreover, this will improve customer experience and loyalty at the same time. Read.
  4. Webinar: How do you persuade the board to invest in finance process automation? The last few months have illustrated beyond doubt, the pressing need for finance process automation. FSN’s research due to be published later this month finds that more than 50% of finance professionals say that the current crisis has increased the urgency of investment in automation. But what if the board cannot see the light? How do you persuade a reluctant board to invest? How can you make the best possible business case for finance automation? Watch.


  1. Webinar: Talend Connect World Tour '20. Joins us for Talend Connect World Tour 2020 - Europe and hear from Talend CEO Christal Bemont on navigating data chaos from with confidence from today's digital leaders. Register.
  2. Training: Talend badging program is here. Talend, the leader in data integration and integrity, proudly announces our Talend badging program that gives you the ability to securely share your verified technical skills on social media as you progress on the path to a recognized Talend expert. You earn badges as you complete specific training in Talend Academy and pass certification exams. Read.
  3. Podcast: Truth be known tells stories about the messy work that goes into these decisions, and how modern leaders seek truth in an uncertain world. Each episode features a short story and an interview with a senior technology leader. Listen.


  1. Video: What is a Semantic Graph? MicroStrategy's semantic graph supports object re-use and Federated Analytics. This video shows how to create a BI dashboard and trace the path of data, illustrating why a semantic graph is key to avoiding object replication, increasing efficiency, and enforcing data governance. You can achieve all this and leave your analytics applications open and flexible for self-service and federated BI tools. Watch.
  2. Training: Data Modeling. Learn the fundamentals of designing a data model. Understand business requirements and translate them into an adaptable, extensible, and sustainable data structure. Register.


  1. Webinar: Why 100 % of Customers Recommend Exasol. In the free 45-minute webinar you will hear from Christian Langmayr, Global Community Evangelist at Exasol, and Carsten Weidmann, Tech Alliance Manager at Exasol. Register.
  2. Read: Accelerating data-driven decision making. A crisis, like COVID-19, often forces businesses to rapidly realign their priorities to remain resilient and then accelerate recovery. Shortening decision-making cycles is often a central part to this realignment. But that puts huge pressure on data and analytics teams and the infrastructure they rely on. So, how can you turn the pressures and demands of crisis mode into a sustainable advantage for your organization? Read.

  1. News: First place in the #AI2Future conference competition. AI2Future is a platform that brings together a community that works in, uses, or wants to join the AI area. Through annual meetings and meetups, they discuss the economic and also social implications that AI has in Croatia and in the region. Congratulate.