MicroStrategy Symposium, 15 November 2017, Vienna

by Slavko Kastelic | Oct 10, 2017 | Events

One day in Vienna may change your life forever

Join us on one-day MicroStrategy Symposium in Vienna where the new version of version 10.9 with Dossier™ will be introduced.

Other topics on the Symposium will include: how to get value from big data, build intuitive dashboards and visualizations, and develop custom enterprise apps. You will learn best practices from global leaders and get hands-on product experience to get the most out of MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy Dossier™ is the next big step in the evolution of BI. Dossiers is bringing together data from across the business into intuitive, interactive analytical applications.
This brand-new interface makes slicing and dicing data easier than ever before by delivering sleek, modern filters that allow anyone to navigate their data and hone in on specific areas of interest.

The filtering experience in MicroStrategy is completely reimagined. Beyond delivering a modern look and feel, 10.9 also introduces support for visual filters. For the first time, users can leverage visualizations as filters, without taking up valuable screen real estate. For instance, by configuring a map to act as a visual filter, a user can click on a city, state, or other geographic area to filter the data contained in the dossier.
Any visualization available in MicroStrategy can be used as a visual filter – from bar and line charts to sophisticated D3 visualizations.

Don’t miss this once in a professional lifetime opportunity and join us in Vienna on November 15, 2017.

More info and registration: http://bit.ly/MSTRSymposiumVienna

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