What is Exasol Summer Challenge?

Exasol Summer Challenge is a Proof of concept (POC) which enables you to test your data in Exasol, the fastest analytical platform in the world, for free. You can apply by filling out the survey here. This offer expires end of September.

1. Here are a couple of steps to get you started:

  • Fill out the survey
  • Check out the section "What do you get?"
  • For additional information, drop us a line at info@crmt.com

2. How do I know if Exasol Summer Challenge suits my company?

In the survey, there are 8 Red flag questions, which will serve as a rough indicator whether you face difficulties with your current database on different areas. If you answer with a YES to 4 questions or more, then you are ready to move on and test Exasol analytical platform along with FREE professional services.

3. What can I expect after submitting my survey?

We will get in touch in your desired dates and define time schedule of the POC, test environment (on premise or in cloud), technical requirements, and other details necessary to start your free POC.

Why join Exasol Summer Challenge?

What do you get?

Test environment in the cloud for 14 days

5 days of free consultancy during POC

If you finish the POC within 14 days, you will be entitled to additional 5 days of free professional services during the implementation period

Accustomed to good? Try the best!

Did you know that Exasol has more than 95% success-rate on proof of concept tests just because of the brutal power of its MPP, in-memory and columnar analytical database?

What’s more, Exasol is far from just being a super-fast analytical database. It is a high-performance, in-memory, MPP platform specifically deisgned for in-memory analytics.

Here’s why users are becoming true fans of it:

  • Data scientists adore Exasol for its tight integration with all programming languages, R and Python included. They love virtualization function which allows them to access the data from traditional or big data systems effortlessly.
  • System engineers praise it because of its self-tuning capability which makes administration effortless.
  • Data engineers want Exasol because of its compliance with ANSI SQL standard and schema virtualiziation functionality with connectivity support for all major relational databases like DB2, Oracle, Postgresql, SQL Server, Teradata and other...
  • Developers appreciate the rich possibility of in-database UDF functions that allows them to extend the existing SQL capabilities with custom defined scripting functionalities written in Java, Python, R, Lua or other custom languages.
  • Business users are extremely happy with high or even extreme performance and possibility to use their visualization tool of choice. With Exasol they are not just able to analyze big amounts of data but they are also getting an environment for geo-spatial analysis.
  • CFOs & CIOs are gladly signing the checks because of the transparent, predictive costs and low TCO.


Be a part of the 95%

If you answered with a YES to 4 or more of the questions in survey, it is right time for Exasol's Summer Challenge. Don’t hesitate anymore and give Exasol a shot! It might be the best decision you take. Prove yourself that you can also be a part of Exasol’s 95% POC conversion rate and become happy customers later on!


"Exceptional Performance"

"We were blown away by the exceptional performance and responsiveness of Exasol. At the same time this was the only database we have worked with so far that required virtually no administration once it was set up."

Borut Rožac

Development technologist, Telekom Slovenije

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"Incredible speed"

"The speed of data processing is just incredible; analytic query processing operations that used to take 30-45 minutes are now done within 5 or 6 seconds. The Exasol solution makes real-time analytics a reality."

Sava Zibler

Head of IT, Mladinska knjiga Založba

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"Surprising speed"

"We were surprised by the speed and raw performance of Exasol, which became our standard analytical database."



Robert Eržen

Head of IT, Loterija Slovenije


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