Data Date - 18. May

by CRMT | May 18, 2020 | News

Data Date is a speed date with our partners. Find out all the latest news, blogs, and events in one minute, then feel free to choose the topic you are interested in and go on a date...a data date.

CCH Tagetik

  1. Blog: Modern financial reporting: One of today's biggest executive challenges. Expanded reporting requirements, new compliances, internal reporting demands etc. Business owners are looking for more relevant and timely information on which they can base their day-to-day decisions. Read.
  2. Planning app: CCH Tagetik Smart NOW. Provide the CFO with the agility, real-time information access, and collaborative ability to improve planning and manage economic uncertainty in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Read.
  3. Webinar: InTouch User Conference. Discover the latest innovative solutions to accelerate your Finance Evolution and further support your business growth. Register. 
  4. Coffee break: Different CPM content and coffee chats with industry experts. Tune-in.


  1. Join the Webinar: Build your data skills with Exacademy on 19th of May. The webinar is part of the weekly chats DataXpresso which runs every Tuesday at 14:30 BST. Register.
  2. Free Exasol Certifications until the 31st of May. A great opportunity to make the best out of the Corona crisis and Exasol. Register.
  3. Blog: How to build a data culture by creating an analytics community: part 1. There is no better time to build a community and in this blog, you can read all about the benefits, why it is now more important than ever and about the key attributes. Read


  • Join the webinar: Talend Connect 2020 on the 27th of May. A must-attend event for business decision-makers, CDOs, data scientists, chief architects, and developers, Talend Connect will reveal innovative approaches to common data integration challenges and help you fast-track your digital transformation with data. Join.


  • Blog: 12 Eye-Opening Data and Analytics Statistics. Find out the 12 striking statistics from the 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report. Read.