Data Date - 27. July

by CRMT | Jul 27, 2020 | News

Data Date is a speed date with our partners. Find out all the latest news, blogs, and events in one minute, then feel free to choose the topic you are interested in and go on a date...a data date.

CCH Tagetik

  1. Webinar Series: CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Apps - Powerful Agile Planning Apps available on the Cloud. Financial offices need to be agile and have real-time information access to improve the planning process. That is why CCH Tagetik has developed 5 on-demand apps to help organizations assess business impact. Previews of the apps will be launched every Tuesday. Register.
  2. Blog: The hidden cost of doing nothing in corporate performance management. The 5 key risks when you choose inaction. Read.
  3. Blog: IFRS 17 is Postponed. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Compliance Plans. On its face, the delay has granted insurers with an extra year to adjust their systems. But, in digging deeper, many companies might find that the added year is only just enough time. Read. 


  1. Learning: Talend Academy. New updated training courses available. Watch to see how you can maximize your team's success. Watch. 
  2. Webinar: Trustworthy Data: Why a data fabric strategy is essential. Learn how organizations use Data Fabric to address emerging use cases, how it solves their data chaos problems, and how it can help you build trustworthy data in your organization. Register. 


  1. News: MicroStrategy Top 5 Tips. During this critical time, MicroStrategy wants to ensure users get the insights they need when they need them, enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency across the enterprise. Read.
  2. News: MicroMinute. Featured MicroStrategy content of July. Read. 


  1. News: Exasol Version 7.0. The newest version of the analytics database is designed to help you find business-critical answers at speed – and take your team beyond data-driven. Improvements to performance, flexibility, and data science capabilities will allow you to move as fast as the world changes around you. Read.
  2. Webinar: Data Xpresso: Industry Spotlight - Retail sector. How the retail industry is being forced to evolve in light of the changes happening in the world today. Register.