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by CRMT | Mar 27, 2020 | News

Due to the worldwide CoVid-19 pandemic, the companies are not only facing the business lockdown but also an increased number of absent employees. That is why, it is now more than ever reasonable to completely or at least partially automate repetitive and mundane tasks, that can easily be done by a robot which works 24/7, doesn't get sick, can work from any location, is less prone to errors and overall much faster. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), your employees can focus on high-value tasks, while your business also benefits from cost reduction, operational excellence, improved customer experience and regulatory compliance

To jumpstart this digitalization project in your company, we are offering FREE software use until May 31st 2020.
To apply, click on the button below, fill out the google form and you will be contacted by our sales representative shortly.
The RPA use cases are practically endless and we are sure there is a process you can automate in your company also.
  • HR (candidate shortlisting, onboarding, expense management, payrolls)
  • Finance (sales ordering and invoicing, financial and external reporting, inventory management, procure to pay)
  • Insurance (claims registration and processing, regulatory compliance, underwriting, business and process analytics)
  • Sales (forecasting, CRM, client research, brand monitoring)
  • Logistic (shipment scheduling and tracking, order and inventory processing, email communications)
  • Telecommunications (order processing, contract management, service delivery)
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