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Innovative approach

At CRMT we have designed an innovative approach based on the current leading technologies in the field of big data. With the help of our experienced consultants, you will get from your data exactly what you need to achieve greater competitive advantage.

Solutions for storage and processing

Every application is different, requires different storage access patterns and have different processing needs. We will help you analyze your requirements and provide you with the solution that is most suitable for you.

Latest trends

Fast paced nature of our industry requires continuous market research that consumes a lot of time and resources. With our team, we are always striving to bring you the best technologies from which you can derive your business value.

Performance and speed

We offer technological solutions that deliver in performance and help you accelerate your data-driven business outcomes.

What do we offer?

Big data and storage strategy

By analyzing your business challenges, we will help you develop an effective data strategy to help you put your business data at work.

Implementation services

We will help you choose the best data storage solutions and build a platform that will be ready for today's data challenges and future trends.

Architecture and design

With our solutions, we will help you plan, integrate and implement a unified data environment tailored to your needs.

Data Modeling

By applying relational and nonrelational modeling techniques we will enable your users to impose a structure on data and provide them with a flexible way for data exploration and analysis.

Workflow management and orchestration

Our software and experts will help you build and manage robust, reliable and automated data workflows that will be easy to maintain and save the costs of manual operations.

Why choose our solution

Our solutions will give you a competitive edge, both in operational and analytical environments as they excel in:


High availability and scalability are a cornerstone for today’s demanding operational and analytical requirements

Data-driven innovations

Your data platform should not limit your data initiatives but support you with all emerging technologies like real-time streaming, AI or centralized storage for your container applications.

Empowering AI and machine learning

Simple data access and providing data scientists the tools they need are crucial for the successful implementation of advanced analytics at scale.

Open APIs and interfaces

To prevent cloud vendor lock-in it is important that you select the appropriate data technologies that support not only open APIs but also enables you seamless data migrations between clouds or on-premise environments.

Reduced need for manual data movement

Modern data platforms are reducing complexities of data movement by supporting policy-based data tiering directly in the platform.

Answer more questions, more completely

Choosing the right analytics solutions for large datasets is a complex task so it is even more important to select the best technologies that can drive your data-driven decisions.



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