Take advantage of Exasol – the future-proof and high performance analytical database

by CRMT | Mar 18, 2019 | News

Successful businesses nowadays differ primarily in how quickly they are able to analyze large amounts of data and extract value from it. By moving into the so-called data-driven economy, the best data analysis becomes a key component that gives companies a competitive advantage.

When dealing with data one should not overlook Exasol, a high-performance, in-memory database specifically designed for in-memory analytics. Its support for massively parallel processing dramatically speeds up the use of advanced analytics in business-critical applications, enabling you to analyze large data volumes in real-time and accelerating BI and reporting solutions, and, finally, turning data into value. With Exasol companies are able to make better decisions faster, improve their business and profits.

Certain data crunching devices that were popular in the past, such as Netezza, have hit a roadblock or suffered even worse scenario – with no further upgrades or support cancellations users simply cannot count on them anymore. IBM announced the end of Netezza’s development and also end of support for specific models. In these cases, users need to find new solutions and perform migrations into a new environment. Global trends are favoring transitions to software solutions that operate on a standard information infrastructure or in the cloud.

Exasol – a name you can trust

Exasol is a secure and long-term solution, backed by strong development and excellent user support. It’s a software product that runs on standard servers or in the cloud and thus simplifying deployment and maintenance and delivering significant cost reductions. Since Exasol solution is totally scalable, adding new resources is a breeze. Its intelligent algorithms control usage and perform self-adjusting tasks that optimize efficiency and reduce data management costs. Exasol is therefore an affordable, easy and secure solution for analyzing big data with an excellent TCO and ROI ratios.

Innovative, super-fast and flexible

Exasol’s innovative in-memory algorithms enable processing of large amounts of data in the main memory delivering dramatically faster access times. Through a data virtualization framework called “virtual schemes” as well as a high-performance data integration framework, you can connect to and analyze data from more sources than ever before. Columnar storage and compression solutions reduce the number of I/O operations and amount of data needed for processing in main memory and further increase analytical performance. In addition, thousands of users can simultaneously access and analyze large amounts of data without compromising query performance.

One of the key advantages of Exasol is also its flexibility, as it can be used by companies in many different ways – it supports any business model. Choose the option that best meets your needs: software-only, analytical appliance or the cloud (ExaCloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services). Hybrid implementation is also possible. Exasol can be used by companies of any size that would like to exploit the full potential of using data for business purposes.

Made for professional use

Alongside out-of-the-box support for R, Python, Java and Lua, Exasol allows you to integrate the analytics programming language of your choice and use it for in-database analytics. Easily connect to your existing SQL-based BI, reporting and data integration tools via ODBC, JDBC, .NET as well as a JSON-based web socket API.

Data masters at your disposal

CRMT is a Master Reseller Exasol partner for SEE region and is a leading consulting company in the field of system integration and an independent provider of state-of-the-art solutions. We are the ideal partner for the implementation of Exasol. Additionally, we also offer a broad set of services and solutions, such as data engineering, we cover all areas of data management, and relevant tools and architectures for building data solutions.

Our solutions are comprehensive, enabling you to obtain information and business value from the huge amount of data you collected. With the help of our experienced consultants you can extract valuable information from your data and achieve competitive edge and advantage in the digital age.

You can read more about implementation of Exasol as a transition from Netezza in a case study of Mladinska knjiga Založba and check its role as a new analytical base in a case study from Telekom Slovenije.


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