Data Integration

Just imagine, to be able to integrate all your data through one single, unified platform. Talend! And we will help you in this process, of course!


IT department is overloaded with numerous data integration solutions, numerous data sources and many legacy integration mechanisms, which faces  users’ trust in data.


Our knowledge and experience along with unified data management platform that includes data integration functionality, significantly increase a robustness and decrease costs.

More and more data sources are appearing in companies, from internal applications to cloud base applications, each with its own data store. Connecting all these resources requires more and more knowledge of data integration architecture, modern technologies and a reliable partner who is able to participate effectively in integration projects which is an important area of data management.

As a consequence hundreds or even thousands of databases are present in the companies, and integration processes have become a critical, central responsibility of every IT department.

Your company needs a formal data management methodology and best practice to manage data for modern data driven companies, which also includes data integration between all internal and external data sources needed for the business success.

Data integration is an essential process with which organisations improve their strategic decision-making and, consequently, increase their competitive advantage. It includes pooling data from different sources into a single view, importing data, cleaning and mapping of data and transforming data into a database.

Why Choose our Data Integration solution

Increased number of connections

There are many systems and applications; the more built-in connectors they have the more time you will save when integrating data.


Since businesses are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud models, it is important to integrate data in a way that users can access them anywhere

Ease of use

Integration infrastructure need to be simple, with a graphical user interface that facilitates data visualization.

A transparent pricing model

Your infrastructure provider should not surprise you with the price increase when the number of connectors or the amount of data increase occurs.

Success story

Loterija slovenije

Having provided the analytical environment for the leading Slovenian lottery company, we have enabled significant time savings in data preparation and processing as well as eliminated the need for manual data corrections. The specialized database Exasol processes records more than 100 times faster than the old environment while the consolidation and optimization of reporting have led to fewer reports and more transparency. 


Exasol achieved 100x faster response times with Exasol


Qlik and Talend (Qlik)

Both Qlik and Qlik (Talend) earned leader status in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools.

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