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Data Integration & Quality with Talend

Talend Workshop series | 14 June @14.00

More Data Than Ever How well do you govern your data in the digital era? Data-driven decision-making across industries is changing dramatically. More data is being produced today than in the previous 5,000 years of human history — roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Companies are making it a top priority to get ...


Mobile Analytics 📱

Online Workshop | 31 May 2022 @14.00

Mobile analytics has become indispensable in companies. It is used in everything from retail, healthcare, pharmacy, telecommunications, and other verticals. It is used wherever business users travel a lot or their workplace is not an office and therefore needs information, reports and analysis on mobile devices. MicroStrategy 2022 allows you to develop stunning dossiers that ...


Modern Analytics Experiences

10th May, 2022 | 14:00 | Webinar | MicroStrategy

For all those who missed out on MicroStrategy World Conference 2022, we hosted a 2-hour Webinar to give you a chance to catch up. Everything is moving to applications. This is also true for analytics. Dashboards are great for smaller user groups. However, you need dedicated analytical applications that solve complex problems for hundreds or even ...


Prepare an Optimistic/Pessimistic Annual Budget

On-Demand Webinar

When making decisions, decision-makers should assess not only the most likely outcome of a decision but also the outcome that will arise if the worst possible happens. In this “Prepare an Optimistic/Pessimistic Annual Budget” webinar we will teach you how to prepare an optimistic/pessimistic annual budget and how to get ready for both scenarios.  Intro: ...


Trusted Customer Data With Less Effort

On-demand Workshop

Quality data is the epitome of every decision in a data-driven company. During the pandemics, companies across the globe realized they face challenges in this key area. Many have decided to make it top priority to get better and healthier data. The workshop “Trusted Customer Data With Less Effort” was intended for all employees like ...


Close Your Books in 3 days

On-Demand Webinar

A fast financial close has many benefits, it enables companies to take faster action on financials and also properly analyze them. We will show you how to close your books in 3 days without sacrificing the integrity of your financials. Intro: 2min | Demo: 12min In this webinar you will see you how to just ...


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