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MicroStrategy Dossier & Workstation 

Online Demo & Workshop | 21st March 2023 @14.00

Join our live demo & workshop on the 21st of March, focusing on the latest advancements in Microstrategy Dossier, Library, and Workstation. This free event is aimed at all users of MicroStrategy, from beginners to advanced users, and will be divided into 2 parts. Live Demo First, we will have a 1-hour Live Demo to ...


Digitalization of Project-based Companies

Webinar | 5 April @13.00 CET

All the advantages of a project-based management software The goal of the webinar is to understand how digital innovation, through the right technology, is able to transform and improve the organization of project-based companies. Process planning, management, and control are fundamental steps for the success of a project-based organization, but the lack of control along ...


Why Data Trust & Data Quality Matter?

Webinar | 18 October @14.00 CET

Can you make good decisions for your company if you don’t trust the data you work with on a daily basis? Working with data you trust is more important than ever. Using unreliable data affects all aspects of your organization like operational efficiency, customer experience, increases risk and, compliance. So how do you know which ...


Why & How to Migrate to MicroStrategy Analytics Platform

Webinar | MicroStrategy

Analytics & Business Intelligence platforms are an indispensable asset of every data-driven company. Most organizations have been using BI tools for decision support for many years. However, many of them are now discovering weaknesses in their BI platforms. This applies both to solutions that have been in use for many years as well as to ...


Data Integration & Quality with Talend

Talend Workshop series | 14 June @14.00

More Data Than Ever How well do you govern your data in the digital era? Data-driven decision-making across industries is changing dramatically. More data is being produced today than in the previous 5,000 years of human history — roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Companies are making it a top priority to get ...


Mobile Analytics 📱

Online Workshop | 31 May 2022 @14.00

Mobile analytics has become indispensable in companies. It is used in everything from retail, healthcare, pharmacy, telecommunications, and other verticals. It is used wherever business users travel a lot or their workplace is not an office and therefore needs information, reports and analysis on mobile devices. MicroStrategy 2022 allows you to develop stunning dossiers that ...


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