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MicroStrategy: World after World

4th of June

Discover the Next Frontier in AI-Powered Analytics Join us for a live event, MicroStrategy: World After World, where we will showcase the revolutionary convergence of AI and Business Intelligence and delve into the future of AI-powered analytics. This event promises an exclusive look at the latest advancements in MicroStrategy technology and the unveiling of groundbreaking ...


Unlocking Sustainability Success: From Strategy to Solution

Webinar | 14th November 2023 @13.00

ESG reporting is already knocking on the door, and it’s high time to get prepared. We’ve prepared a comprehensive webinar for you, where we discussed the legal and content-related aspects and the necessary information support. Watch the video of this informative event and take the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of ESG reporting and how ...


How to Get Smart: AI Capabilities

Webinar | 26th October 2023 @14.00

MicroStrategy AI is a groundbreaking new platform that integrates generative AI with trusted BI to enable users to analyze data and generate insights in ways that were never before possible. In this webinar, you will: MicroStrategy AI is engineered to transform the way organizations interact with data. By leveraging large language models (LLMs) and generative ...


How to Get Smart: BI Governance

Webinar | 12th October 2023 @14.00

In today’s data-driven world, effective BI governance is the linchpin for ensuring data accuracy, security, and compliance. Watch the recording of our webinar that delves into the critical aspects of BI governance and discover how MicroStrategy can be your trusted ally in this journey. Are you ready to take your business intelligence (BI) to the ...


How to Get Smart: Embedded Analytics

Webinar | 21st September 2023 @14.00

Watch the recording of our 1st 20-minute Webinar and unlock the power of Embedded Analytics with MicroStrategy. Discover the transformative potential of Embedded Analytics with MicroStrategy at the first instalment of our “How to Get Smart” Webinar Series! Unleash the Future of Business Intelligence! In today’s fast-paced business landscape, data holds the key to success. The ...


BI & Analytics Day in Vienna​

Join the BI & Analytics Day in Vienna​ on June 29th​! Discover the power of the MicroStrategy platform, learn from industry experts, explore real-life success stories, and network with like-minded professionals. At CRMT, we are organizing free transport from Ljubljana to Vienna and back. For more details, check the agenda below. Agenda: What you can ...


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