Project Business Automation

Manage your projects like a business. Project-driven companies manage all project operations, financials, and insights in a single solution.

The use of a Project Business Automation solution can have a significant impact on your company that enables you to deliver projects more effectively, improves collaboration and communication, increases transparency, allocates resources more efficiently, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Key features

One System

One single data input, one source of truth. Goodbye to spreadsheets and different badly integrated systems

People Centric

Human resources are the core of your project-based business. Let them make the difference with the right resource planning tool and an optimized UX

Project Performance

Efficiently track all project costs and revenues, compare forecasted and actual margins

Real-time Insights

Get real-time actionable insights in economic and financial results. Take data driven decisions


Easily integrate the application with existing ERP and CRM systems

You can find the full list of features and benefits here.


Architecture, Engineering & Project Offices

Managing the entire life cycle of projects. Feasibility studies, visualization and allocation of resources. Real-time reporting of hours. Analysis of overall performance


Streamlining processes. Improved resource management. Enhanced collaboration. Better decision-making. Improved quality control

Government & Municipalities

Managing the entire life cycle of projects to help with project planning, resource allocation, project scheduling, and real-time project tracking. Manage multiple projects, including infrastructure, community development, and public service initiatives.

Notaries and Lawyers

Efficiently manage and track their projects, cases and tasks such. Better collaboration with team members and clients. Enhanced document management. Increased visibility and reporting

Unify processes, improve performance

Get all the tools and features your team needs in one place. Ensure compliance with business objectives by efficiently overseeing all the processes involved:

✓ Project-focused HR
✓Configure price quote
✓Capacity planning
✓Project management
✓Time, leave and expense registration
✓Project Billing and invoice preparation
✓Provisioning and supplier contracts

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