Intelligent enterprise overview

MicroStrategy makes every enterprise a more intelligent enterprise. It provides powerful software that empower every individual with actionable intelligence on any device and platform.

The MicroStrategy platform provides all the capabilities organizations need to build and deploy analytics and mobility applications that transform and accelerate business. By putting answers in everyone’s hands, regardless of role, function, or skill level, MicroStrategy’s suite of products helps organizations to become Intelligent Enterprise.

MicroStrategy naturally extends existing applications to mobile devices and empowers employees wherever they are, from the back office to the field. Leveraging code-free development tools allows building transaction-enabled analytics apps that transform how your employees work.

Using MicroStrategy’s open architecture and complete set of APIs allows to inject powerful analytics into any business application or product. Organizations can create new data-driven products and services. Business users can benefit from powerful analytics without even realizing they’re using a different tool.

All that makes MicroStrategy the most comprehensive data analytics platform with the lowest TCO. This is also recognized by leading analysts. Both Gartner and Forrester are positioning MicroStrategy as the most suitable platform for enterprise-grade BI platforms.

MicroStrategy introduced ‘HyperIntelligence’ in 2019 to extend the adoption of analytics by business users. Hyperintelligence pops up contextual information to users directly in web applications, on mobile devices and in selected productivity applications with zero clicks. This allows businesses to inject real-time, contextual insights and recommendations closer to users’ work.

MicroStrategy is present in top-tier companies across all industries from financial organizations, telecommunication operators, manufacturing, retail, health, and logistics.

Leaders in the industry

MicroStrategy is The Best BI Platform Year After Year According Gartner, Forrester, BARC, Ventana Research

All major analytical companies are publishing yearly analysis of business software solutions for individual areas, Business Intelligence field included. Graphs surely look a bit different from the previous years and the names of the providers have mixed up slightly, but nothing is new at the top – the king of the BI domain remains the MicroStrategy platform. And rightfully so.

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Success story

SIJ Group

Due to the open architecture and excellent connectivity with external systems and associated data sources, the SIJ Group raised the field of analytics to a completely new level. “Today, we know our own business, trends, needs and requirements of customers and the market much better. And we respond to them accordingly”


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