Increased number of data sources and data complexity, higher performance requirements and other data demands lead to challenges in the data architecture, modeling, storage, DW/BI, data integration, data governance, master data and other data management functions.



We implement the best-of-breed independent technologies and services for Enterprise Data Management that result in a robust, long term solution and will get you the most value out of your data.


Data is the asset of a company, and needs to be managed properly. Data management is a discipline to do that right.

In most organisations the data management is not at top priority. There is no or little focus on data management or data content. Companies also don’t have executive responsible for driving effective use of data for competitive advantage. Most enterprise data projects are concentrated on individual projects rather than develop enterprise-wide capabilities such as data quality, data governance and data operations.

But, the amount of data, the number of data sources, the complexity and diversity of data are increasing. On the other side business requires faster and faster responses. Additional complexities represent company mergers and replacements or upgrades of information systems.

Data management is therefore becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Therefore, appropriate, formalised, robust data management, supported by best practices is essential for success.

Data Management Association (DAMA) recommendations are collected in the DAMA DMBOK2 book of knowledge. DMBOK describes core data management areas and best practices that are critical to successful data exploitation and control.

DAMA data management definition

Data Management is the development, execution, and supervision of plans, policies, programs, and practices that deliver, control, protect, and enhance the value of data and information assets throughout their lifecycles.

CRMT is passionate about data. We are solution provider company, offering both strategic and implementation data management services:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reference & Master Data
  • Data Integration & Interoperability
  • Data Architecture
  • Metadata: To be data-driven, an organisation must be Metadata-driven.
  • Data Quality: Poor quality data is a high risk.  It can damage an organisation’s reputation, resulting in fines, lost revenue, lost customers, and negative media exposure.
  • Data Modelling and Design
  • Data Governance
Subject areas of DAMA DMOK coverd by CRMT are DI, MDM, DQ, DW & BI...

Your Data Management Partner

CRMT is passionate about data. We are solution provider company, offering both strategic and implementation data management services for Cloud, Data Architecture, Data Governance, Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management & Reporting/Analytics.

CRMT Consultants Provide:

  • Proven methodologies
  • Flexible and scalable architecture
  • Adherence to strict quality-assurance guidelines
  • Proper knowledge transfer
  • An unmatched 100% Success Rate

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Data Migration activities, tools, technologies, techniques and deliverables according DAMA DMBOK

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The Enterprise Analytics Use Case score of 4,7/5 places it high above the competition, with the closest follower scoring 4,06/5. MicroStrategy s positioned as highest BI platform for the enterprises according Gartner Critical Capabilities for BI.


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