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Success Stories

Their numbers speak louder than our words


With MicroStrategy as a single analytics platform instead of several partial solutions, the SIJ Group employees can work much more efficiently and, above all, faster. While the number of BI and Analytics users within the group has risen by as much as 42%, maintenance costs have been reduced by a whopping 73%. The new solution also requires much less support, which means less tickets from business users.

Loterija Slovenije

Having provided the analytical environment for the leading Slovenian lottery company, we have enabled significant time savings in data preparation and processing as well as eliminated the need for manual data corrections. The specialized database Exasol processes records more than 100 times faster than the old environment while the consolidation and optimization of reporting have led to fewer reports and more transparency.

Telekom Slovenije d.d.

The implementation of Exasol in-memory database started early in 2017. With the help of CRMT experts, Telekom Slovenije implemented the solution in a single day and initially loaded it with one billion records within the week though it started data collection from the “flat” files. CRMT also carried successful integration of Exasol with their big data environment and other applications – Tableau, Phython and R what enabled Telekom Slovenije to take maximum advantage of their current infrastructure.

Mladinska knjiga

When deploying the Exasol database back in 2017, the IT department of this Slovenian publishing behemoth praised the ease of implementation as well as the distinct advantages of the new solution: a much faster reporting and top-notch data visualizations, with Exasol delivering information to their MicroStrategy BI platform in a fraction of the time that was needed by the previous system.

Our Solutions

Looking for a trusted partner who can cover a broad spectre of your business needs? It’s high time we get to work!

Regulatory Compliance

Need a hand with achieving compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or supervisory reporting? Our efficient and robust solution covers all aspects of this complex task.

Having already helped numerous banks and insurance companies to automate these processes, we’re eager to do the same for you.

Data Management

From data warehousing, integration and governance to business intelligence and advanced analytics:  we have both the know-how and the tech to tackle even the most complex data management challenges.

Pick from established or our in-house solutions and we’ll take care of the rest, making sure they fit your specific needs.

Corporate Performance Management

We know that the key to efficiency lies in connecting several business areas and treating them as a whole. Be it financial consolidation or budgeting and planning, our experience in business analytics and process optimisation wins the day.

Robotic Process Automation

From auditing and financial processes to regulatory tasks and even HR, automating repetitive processes will save you money, improve the quality and accuracy of your services as well as provide a better customer experience.

Contact us to schedule a demo and we’ll show you how we can transform your key operations in just a few weeks.

Why go with CRMT?

These are the qualities you are looking for in your partner


We work in a fast-paced niche where things change in a blink of an eye. Actively analysing upcoming trends and tirelessly working on state-of-the art tech, we consistently make sure that instead of responding to change, we’re at the forefront of it.

Dedicated Team

We value our clients as well as the relationships we build with them. To guarantee lasting bonds and a stress-free customer experience, each client gets a dedicated team of experienced consultants who work closely with them, efficiently carrying out every stage of the project.

Independent Solutions

Being an independent provider of system integration solutions, we are free to combine different technologies in a way that best suits you and your business needs. You are free to choose the solutions and we will combine and customize them, even making sure that they fit your existing system infrastructure.


We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions, instead thriving at developing proprietary applications and quickly adjusting our operations to whatever needs our clients might have. Got very specific wishes? Great! Because we have the knowledge and flexibility to meet them!


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How to Get Smart: Embedded Analytics

Webinar | 21st September 2023 @14.00

Join us for at our 1st 20-minute Webinar and unlock the power of Embedded Analytics with MicroStrategy. Discover the transformative potential of Embedded Analytics with MicroStrategy at the first instalment of our “How to Get Smart” Webinar Series! Unleash the Future of Business Intelligence! In today’s fast-paced business landscape, data holds the key to success. The ...


Merjenje uspešnosti prodajne ekipe in postavitev modela nagrajevanja

5 October 9:30 - 13:00 | City Hotel

Ali želite izboljšati svoje strategije upravljanja prodajne uspešnosti in doseči izjemne rezultate? Pridružite se nam na našem dogodku v živo, ki vam bo omogočil odkleniti potencial vaše prodajne ekipe! Na dogodku se bomo poglobili v svet upravljanja uspešnosti prodaje, razpravljali o pogostih izzivih, s katerimi se srečujejo organizacije, in predstavili inovativne rešitve za njihovo premagovanje. ...


BI & Analytics Day in Vienna​

Join the BI & Analytics Day in Vienna​ on June 29th​! Discover the power of the MicroStrategy platform, learn from industry experts, explore real-life success stories, and network with like-minded professionals. At CRMT, we are organizing free transport from Ljubljana to Vienna and back. For more details, check the agenda below. Agenda: What you can ...


Case studies

Case Study: SIJ Group

SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group | Case Study

“I am convinced that our implementation of the MicroStrategy platform is one of the best practices in the industry. With it, we gained a really deep insight into the business.”

- Emir Mustafić, senior development engineer and coordinator of the BI team, SIJ Group

Telekom Case Study - Exasol

Case Study: Telekom Slovenije

“We were blown away by the exceptional performance and responsiveness of Exasol. At the same time this was the only database we have worked with so far that required virtually no administration once it was set up.”

Software engineer, Telekom Slovenije

Case Study: Loterija Slovenije

"We were surprised by the speed and raw performance of Exasol, which became our standard analytical database."

Robert Eržen, CIO, Lottery of Slovenia


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