Robotic Process Automation

Organizations focusing on cost reduction, operational excellence, and regulatory compliance might find Robotic Process Automation is a flexible, low-investment, less complex alternative to traditional solutions like outsourcing, offshoring, process improvement, and system transformation.

CRMT is cooperating with one of the most disruptive RPA vendors

RPA is a way to automate repetitive processes that are based on rules and are implemented in day to day business in the front and in the back office.

Use cases by industries


As one of the top adopters of RPA, telecommunications is a perfect example where to use automation. Check out which tasks are supported.


Most insurance companies rely on old legacy systems that not communicate well with each other. Tasks such as claims processing or underwriting can be done by a robot.


Manufacturing is a great example of cooperation between humans and machines.

Energy & Utility

Tasks supported for this challenging industry include Metere Reading Variation, Billing and Statements and many more.

Key features of the RPA

  • It is an IT platform
  • Imitates human interaction with applications
  • Connects several independent applications
  • The virtual workforce is controlled by IT operations
  • RPA is agile and non-invasive, works with existing IT architecture
  • Very fast implementation, cost savings and ROI
  • Improved quality and accuracy
  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Improved employee morale
  • Excellent audit and security
  • Better customer experience
key features of RPA

Task supported by RPA

  • Opening e-mails and attachments
  • Logging into web applications and operational applications (SAP, Navision, … own development)
  • Copying and moving files and directories
  • Copy & paste (on the screen)
  • Filling screen masks
  • Reading and writing from databases
  • Reading data from web applications
  • API calls
  • Execution of calculations
  • Reading and writing to Excel
  • Printing documents
  • Implementation of IF-THEN-ELSE procedures/logic
  • Data transfer between applications and systems
  • Extraction and data transformation
  • Bulk e-mail sending (generating, archiving, extracting)
RPA use cases

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Solution overview

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Technology secured over 1m € in seed round funding, this is one of the most promising players in the field of Robotic Process Automation. 

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