Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to connect more devices than ever. During the Covid-19 crisis, this area has witnessed an unprecedented growth. This means IoT is a tremendous opportunity for organizations to reshape and generate brand new business models and address the current challenges and processes of automation and digitization.

Most of the data generated by IoT devices is unstructured data. Conventional platforms and databases simply cannot aggregate, store, process, and ‘normalize’ this data in an efficient manner. Newer and more data-agnostic platforms are needed.

When designing IoT projects and solutions, content and business goals must be determined in the first phase. In a variety of industries, organizations are increasingly using IoT to implement new business models, operate more efficiently, improve decision-making process and increase their business value. They can also better service their customers and they can engage more efficiently in supply chain.

IoT by industries


Telecommunications companies have major opportunities to use IoT for creating new business models, based on data-driven services.


Using IoT and relevant inbound data from external sources in energy systems, enables significant savings in energy consumption, far all involved.


IoT solutions in manufacturing enable process optimization, increased performance, efficiency, and productivity.


With IoT financial and insurance services will reach a competitive edge both in operational and analytical environments.

Our know-how

Defining IoT Strategy

Analyses of your business challenges, IoT Strategy and new business processes.

Proposing Architecture and Design

Planning, integration and implementation of IoT environment tailored to your needs.

Implementation services

Deployment, management and integration of data and information systems.

Creating a Data Environment

Creation of data environment for the needs of AI, machine learning and other analytical processes.

Deployment of Analytical Systems and Platforms

Optimize your operational and business decision-making with real-time data analysis.



A powerhouse among analytics database solutions, achieving 18 out of 24 top-rankings in its peer groups.


The Enterprise Analytics Use Case score of 4,7/5 places it high above the competition, with the closest follower scoring 4,06/5.


A Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms


In the realm of data-driven decision-making, Qlik stands as a beacon for enterprises aiming to harness the full potential of their data assets.

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