Apiday offers a range of ESG services that cover various aspects such as assistance with CSRD and SFDR compliance.

SFDR compliance

In contrast to some other ESG solutions that may not address specific regulatory requirements, Apiday stands out by offering focused support for SFDR Compliance, specifically tailored for venture capital (VC) and private equity firms. This nuanced approach provides firms with tools and insights to navigate the SFDR landscape efficiently, facilitating a seamless transition from gathering essential data to compiling detailed compliance reports.

Apiday is a tool that helps firms achieve SFDR compliance quickly and effectively. It identifies each firm’s most effective compliance strategy, consolidates critical data for disclosure, and ensures rapid compliance achievement. Evaluating a firm’s current ESG integrations and pinpointing the exact disclosures needed enhances focus and efficiency in compliance activities, offering a streamlined and precise method to assess and ensure a firm’s readiness for SFDR compliance.

CSRD compliance

Apiday Solution, Picture from apiday.com
Apiday Solution, graphics from apiday.com

Apiday streamlines CSRD compliance for large enterprises, offering essential tools, regulatory insights, and an auditable trail for end-to-end adherence to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Their solution ensures peace of mind, from facilitating double materiality assessments to delivering a fully digital, CSRD-compliant reporting package. It simplifies the complex process, allowing companies to focus on what matters.

Apiday delivers a fully compliant, digitally tagged CSRD reporting package aligned with EU Taxonomy, ready for audit and integration into annual reports. It also offers bespoke improvement plans to enhance ESG performance annually.

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