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Now more than ever, the companies need a clear picture of their business's financial situation that helps them adapt to the rapidly changing environments. Budgeting & planning is especially essential to future proof your company by making accurate and fast decisions to be successful.

CCH Tagetik helps you save time, improve operational efficiency and elevate performance with all your data and processes in one trusted source, collaboration tools that let you work anywhere, and doesn’t depend on IT, you have the performance software solution that gives you confidence in the results.

3 Must have tools in turbulent times

Cash Flow Planning

Cash management is without a doubt a must have that companies must-have under control if they are to be sustainable on the short and long term. During the time of changes and turbulence, budgets and plans need to be updated, and the cash views need to be analyzed. This must be done accurately and consistently, to ensure the right decisions are taken.

Scenario Modeling

Process of evaluating possible events that could take place in the future or react to past unexpected events by considering various feasible results or outcomes.

Profitability Optimization

The process of including full revenue and costs, both direct and indirect into analysis to better understand operating margin or profit at a granular level. By relying on allocation capabilities that allow you to distribute indirect costs to services, products, or customers accurately, you can understand the real profitability of individual segments and decide which ones to maximize or temporarily pause.

What's next?

Continuous Re-forecasting 

When a black swan event hits, organizations of any size or industry must continuously update their projections. To do this, organizations must account for the impact of actual performance-to-date and estimate the best performance for the days to come. It is fundamental to rely on easy-to-use forecasting engines and models that allow you to quickly combine actuals and budgets into a brand-new scenario — potentially even multiple times a week.


Connect all your plans in a single solution

Connect all your strategic, operational, financial and departmental plans in a single solution.

Built-in financial intelligence

Use built-in financial intelligence to address the simplest and most complex planning requirements.

Improve data governance

Get full data and process traceability when all your processes and data are connected and aligned.

Better predict costs

Get more accurate forecasts with predictive planning and forecasting.

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