Defining Data Governance

Defining Data Governance

Data Governance is, simply put, a business data strategy, which includes your employees, processes and technology. Once you’ve collected and analysed the data, the only logical next step is to use it for better decision-making. Data Governance will bring your professionals from across the company, who have different approaches on their data strategy, and create a space where their theories and practices find common ground.

How can we help you

Before you plunge into the idea of data governance, do not solely rely on technology. Instead, consider technology as a vessel which is there to support your people’s tactics and strategies through automated processes, scalability and augmentation.


Thanks to our solutions for data governance, we help companies to create better data, which results in real business advantages, such as better decision-making and high quality customer experiences.


The key reasons, why a company would set up a data governance program, are the ones that bring long-term advantages. The goals are to:

  • Minimize risk

  • Establish internal rules for data use

  • Implement compliance requirements

  • Increase the value of data

  • Reduce costs

  • Risk management


Implementing a Data Govenance Initiative

If your plan is to implement a Data Governance initiative, get ready to invest a considerable amount of time in it. We recommend you to start a manageable project, which you can run on iterations. In this way, the participants will keep their focus and interest over time, and you can apply same methods for more complex projects to expand data governance programs.


The main advantages of our solutions reflect in improving your strategic, tactical and operational levels.

We will help you implement your data quality definitions and business glossary, create governed data catalogues, assist your metadata creation, etc.



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