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Improving cooperation and unifying systems

We offer a secure solution for accessing data via a self-service solution.

Time savings

By using the right tools, employees will save time that they can devote to analysis and other activities to increase productivity and competitiveness of the company.

Less mistakes

With automated updates, the preparation of reports is simple and available at any time.

More detailed information

Data collected in the central system enable identification of quality challenges and implementation of improvements. The result is more precise data that is the basis of any quality analysis.

Data integration

Data integration process

Data integration is an essential process with which organizations improve their strategic decision-making and, consequently, increase their competitive advantage.

Data integration includes

Data integration includes pooling data from different sources into a single view, importing data, cleaning and mapping of data and transforming data into a database.

What we offer

Use of Large Databases

A search engine, such as Google, is constantly processing millions of users' data. More data is acquired by such search engines, more is available for business use, and integrating such sophisticated data has become essential for many organizations.

Creation of Data Warehouses

Data warehouses allow users to perform queries, collect reports, create analyzes, and retrieve reliable data.

Simplification of Business Intelligence

By integrating data, analysts can collect more information for more accurate evaluations without being burdened with a large amount of data

ETL and Data Aggregation

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a process in data aggregation when data from different sources is stored in one warehouse. It is a continuous process that transforms data into useful and consistent information needed for business intelligence and analytics.

Why choose our solution

Increased number of connections

There are many systems and applications; the more built-in connectors they have the more time you will save when integrating data.

Open source

Open source operating systems typically provide more flexibility and help to ensure security from database intrusion.


Since businesses are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud models, it is important to integrate data in a way that users can access them anywhere

Ease of use

Data integration tools need to be simple, with a graphical user interface that facilitates data visualization.

A transparent pricing model

Your data integration tool provider should not surprise you with the price increase when the number of connectors or the amount of data increase occurs

Cloud compatibility

Your data integration tool should work with one cloud, multiple clouds, or a hybrid cloud architecture.



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