How can we help you

At CRMT, we begin by choosing the right technology for your analytical purposes. Every data model must be prepared and built in a way, which improves performances and can process any amount of data in a matter of minutes.


1.) Workshops and training

Get in touch with our sales & marketing team and request a customized workshop for smaller or bigger groups of business and technical users.

Our IT consultants excel at modeling and building a robust Data Warehouse, tailored to the customer's needs. We offer workshops for end users and architects, as well as consulting on-site.


2.) Data modeling

By applying relational and non-relational modeling techniques, we enable your users to impose a structure on data and provide them with a flexible way for data exploration and analysis.

Key part of BI

A Data Warehouse is a repository for all the data collected by various operational systems within an enterprise, dedicated to analysis and reporting. It is a key part of Business Intelligence and serves as a support for decision-making in the company.


Building a Data Warehouse

The core of each successfully finished DWH project is knowing what to expect from the underlying technology and DWH architecture. Place your trust in our experienced experts, who can build a robust and comprehensive DWH, suited for your business model.

Instant access to all data sources

Through a data virtualization framework called “virtual schemas” as well as a high-performance data integration framework, connect to and analyze data from more sources than ever before.

Advanced in-Database analytics

Integrate a variety of different analytics programming languages of your choice and use them for in-db analytics.

Post-implementation services

The real partnership begins after a succefully finished project. We provide full maintenance and support on-site as well as with remote access. All day, any day.

Why choose our solution

With our solutions, you will provide a competitive edge in both operational and analytic environments, because they are powerful, reliable and support integration with your existing systems. Here are some reasons why:


High availability and scalability are a cornerstone for today’s demanding operational and analytical requirements

Answer more questions, more completely

Choosing the right analytics solutions for large datasets is a complex task so it is even more important to select the best technologies that can drive your data-driven decisions.



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