Slovenian Business Club (SBC)

CRMT is a proud member of the Slovenian Business Club (SBC). Founded in 2014, SBC unites members known for their exceptional business success, achieved through personal initiative or as successors of family businesses.

Slovenian Business Club connects excellent Slovenian entrepreneurs who develop top-tier companies with their own ideas and efforts while striving to make Slovenia more entrepreneurial. The SBC, founded in 2014, unites members characterized by their exceptional business success, achieved through personal initiative or as successors of family businesses.

The collective economic impact of SBC members is substantial. SBC members excel in financial performance and growth metrics, with a return on capital 2.1 times higher than the national average, a sales revenue growth rate 2.7 times higher, and an employee growth rate 2.3 times higher than the Slovenian economic average.

The Seven Golden Principles of SBC

  1. Excellence and Integrity: Members are successful entrepreneurs who started with original ideas or family businesses. They maintain honesty with employees, the community, and business partners, ensure taxes are paid, and keep a clean legal record.
  2. Political Neutrality: Members do not belong to any political party and support the club’s apolitical stance, expecting political parties to implement their expert recommendations.
  3. Promoting Economic Breakthroughs: SBC engages with all political parties to advocate for measures driving Slovenia’s development, believing growth relies on responsible domestic entrepreneurs.
  4. Mutual Support and Global Recognition: Members support each other in accessing domestic and international markets, enhancing Slovenia’s business reputation.
  5. Nurturing Young Talent and Sustainability: Members support young entrepreneurs and promote environmentally friendly technologies and high-value business models.
  6. Community Engagement for Regional Development: SBC supports projects fostering regional development and poverty prevention.
  7. Integrity and Zero Tolerance for Corruption: SBC champions integrity and transparency, encouraging members to adopt ethical codes and promoting zero tolerance towards corruption, enhancing their reputation as trustworthy partners.

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