5 Metrics to Assess Your Data Trust Score

June 27, 2022 | Data Management

Why do You Need Trusted Data?

Limited, confusing, outdated, inaccurate, and unreliable data causes users not to trust their company’s data.

Using unreliable data affects all aspects of your organization like operational efficiency, customer experience, increases risk and, compliance.

This is why managing data access and assuring data understanding, validity, and quality is crucial. In this way, you create trusted data sources that you don’t need to question every time.

Data trust score is consisted from data usage, data validity, data completness, data discoverability and data popularity metrics

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Carefully Monitor These Five Metrics

It is crucial to monitor and measure the different metrics of the data and combine them into a single number called a Data Trust Score, which represents the level of confidence in the data.

And that’s exactly what The Talend Trust Score™ does. It aggregates five metrics into a single and easy-to-understand score, that scales from 0 to 5. These metrics are:

Data Validity

measures the quality of the dataset itself, with the number of valid and invalid values across the dataset sample, as well as the use of semantic types.

Data Completeness

measures the number of empty records in your sample.

Data Popularity

measures the reliability of the dataset, based on user ratings and certification level.

Data Discoverability

reflects how well-documented your dataset is, with the use of proper metadata such as a description, tags, custom attributes, as well as the presence of an API. A well-documented dataset is easier to find.

Data Usage

shows how much your dataset is used as a source for pipelines or preparations.

The Talend Trust Score™ is updated every time an action impacting those parameters is performed.

You can improve the Talend Trust Score™ of your dataset by using Talend Cloud Data Preparation, Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, and Talend Cloud Data Inventory.

Check Your Trust Data Score and Get Guidelines on How to Improve it!

Talend Trust Score crawler automatically indexes all your datasets to give you a complete picture of your data health in just a few minutes.

It exposes the dimension of data trust and allows you to customize measuring the trustworthiness of your data. It gives you a quick but accurate result by combining machine and human learning by routing data to the right Data Steward based on customized thresholds.

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