Quickest Start With Fastest In-memory Analytic Database EXASOL

March 18, 2018 | Data Management

A lot of companies have performance, scaling and administration challenges with existing analytical environment including Oracle Exadata, IBM Netezza or PureData, Microsoft OLAP cubes or SAP Hana.

The performance problems exist on both sides:

  • data preparation performance issues, where night is not long enough anymore to process all required data.
  • analytical performance problems, where more and more users are requesting results from increased ad-hoc usage faster and faster, but the system is actually slower and slower.

EXASOL is solving both of these problems with the fastest analytic in-memory database on the market.
Results are proven. But each entrusted to itself alone. This is the reason why we are challenging you to test it and make sure it works also for you.
We at CRMT along with EXASOL brought together following guidelines for you to execute the Quickest POC with the fastest analytical in-memory database


Sizing calculator will help you define the necessary RAM and disk space for data you would like to bring into EXASOL.


Download EXASOL

Download free EXASOLCommunity edition.

Free Beta EXASOL offers: 200GB of raw data  Unlimited time, Unlimited usage,  and community support.


Database Migration

SQL scripts for the automatic data import from various data management systems into EXASOL will speed up database preparation and migration.

SQL script extracts the metadata from the sources and creates the appropriate IMPORT statements automatically so that you don’t have to care about table names and column names and types.

Community Portal

Community portal with download, user manuals, step-by-step instructions, questions and support sections will help you get most of your EXASOL database or answer your additional questions.


Contact CRMT

You can contact always contact CRMT for any additional questions as well as for help with the configuration or implementation on:


EXASOL test results always surprise people. Mostly above expectations.

And remember: more than 90% of companies that test EXASOL end up as a satisfied customer.

Ready for the next step?

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