6 reasons why you should join our webinar and get more information about our solution for IFRS 17

January 14, 2020 | Regulatory Compliance
  1. You will get insight into how CCH Tagetik IFRS 17 simplifies and ensures compliance in an easy to use preconfigured Solution which on the other hand is flexible to expand and adapt in an auditable way.
  2. You will learn how the methods and the calculations are steered.
  3. We will demonstrate our solution via use casesSince practical experience counts most we will present to you our cases of implemented CCH Tagetik Solutions. The solution embeds a wide spectrum of typical products and variants relevant under IFRS 17 which include but are not limited to all measurement methods (BBA, PAA, VFA), assumed reinsurance/ceded business, profitable/onerous groups, gradual filling up of cohorts with new business, supported methods for calculation of release of CSM.
  4. You will be able to follow the entire end-to-end process of derivation of IFRS17 compliant results through various phases of the preconfigured workflow from the upload of inputs to the creation of statutory disclosures.
  5. You will see how various scenarios can be created and analyzed to enable you to informed decisions and adoption of proper measures.
  6. Your questions will be addressed by competent experts with broad experience with the insurance business and in particular IFRS 17.

Borut Eržen is a Doctor of Science in Physics and Fellow of The Insitute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK (FIA). At CRMT he works as a solution expert for actuarial process and IFRS 17 compliant reporting. He has a broad and deep theoretical knowledge and working experience in actuarial fields (life and P&C) and other related fields.

Daniel Potočnik is a partner at CRMT and the head of the Regulatory Reporting team. He has extensive experience from the service and information technology industry. He is skilled in Business Process Improvement, Change Management and Corporate Strategy.

Our 90-minute webinar will take place on Wednesday 26.2.2020 at 13:30 CET.

Join us and get ready for IFRS 17!

Dr. Radoslaw Bogucki, Associate Partner, European Actuarial Services, Ernst & Young Business Advisory, Poland

“Insurance companies are actively working on the solutions for IFRS 17. For one of our major clients, with complex insurance products, we have confirmed two calculations for IFRS 17 that were made using CCH Tagetik. Calculations were made for the following methods as a pilot calculation: BBA term (Life) and PAA (Non-Life). We are currently in the process of verifying pilot calculations for VFA unit-linked (Life) and reinsurance.” 

Join us and get ready for IFRS 17!

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