Which BI Tool Suits You Best According to the Critical Capabilities Report?

October 6, 2022 | Data Management

Gartner’s yearly report for Analytics and BI platforms is a great source for organisations that are in the process of consolidation or replacing Analytics and BI platforms.
You may already define your top requirements for BI platform that you would like to address with a new BI platform and you would like to shortlist the most appropriate ones according to that.
We prepared an interactive short-list creation tool based on Static Gartner ABI that makes your job super easy. 

Different in their look, united in security

Gartner reports that the biggest differences among 20 solutions were in reporting, data storytelling and automated insights. On the other hand, the capabilities that were the least differentiated, are data source connectivity, security and catalogs.

More vendors try to incorporate data science and machine learning into their solutions. With this move, they want to empower business analysts to create predictive models with little need to code.

What we recommend

For companies to maximize the use of Analytics & data science solutions, here’s what their leaders should do:

  • Regardless of your preferred BI tool, give your business analysts the power to create data visualizations and predictive models.
  • Support analytic consumer users by deploying more consumer-friendly capabilities. These are automated insights, data storytelling and catalogs.
  • Standardize analytic tools by enforcing standards within a single subject area, department or use case. Avoid having multiple tools report the same measures.

See who is on top

BI tools were scored within 4 different categories based on 12 critical capabilities for a specific use case. Below, you can select the category and see how these vendors fair against each other.

Results for:

Find out which BI platform fits your needs in 2 minutes

We designed a calculator, which will show you the best BI platform according to critical capabilities of your choice.  Answer 12 questions and we will send you the results and grant you the access to the calculator.