CRMT events in 2016

EXASOL Xperience | 7-8 June Berlin

EXASOL Xperience 2016 was a two-day event packed with content and fun, and as a result, users understand how to make the most out of EXASOL.

To make sure you got the most out of EXASOL, vision, roadmap, as well a series of workshops with tips and tricks, helped users get familiar with EXASOL. Dr. Hannah Fry, a leading expert on mathematics and analysis, spoke at the event. She spoke about where the analytics market was heading.

The event included sessions from customers of EXASOL who showcased how they used the database to power their business. Attendees also learned from like-minded partners who were building data-driven offerings.

It was a fantastic Xperience. You can watch videos from the conference here.

MicroStrategy Symposium Series | 8 July London

MicroStrategy Symposium Series was a one-day event that featured all the latest in big data analytics, data visualization, dashboard design, mobile app development, and more.

Attendees had the opportunity to pick up new skills, network with industry leaders, and learn directly from the experts.

What the event offered:

  • Cutting-edge technical sessions covered every aspect of the MicroStrategy platform.
  • New and expanded hands-on workshops that focus on enterprise data discovery.
  • Customer-led sessions that showcase the transformative power of MicroStrategy 10.
  • Visionary remarks from MicroStrategy CEO about the direction of MicroStrategy and the analytics industry.

Exasol – Extreme Analytics Breakfast | 22 September Ljubljana

We were joined by Mladinska knjiga Založba who explained how they started using EXASOL to run performance-critical queries, and what their future goals are. EXASOL explained how their customers Adidas, Zalando, and ARZ are using EXASOL as a painkiller to solve the headaches caused by other databases, how to use EXASOL for agile analytics, and how to establish a dual data center in highly regulated industries such as banking and insurance.

We also discussed EXASOL v6, the next generation of high-performance in-memory analytic database that lets companies turn data into actionable insights at speeds that will leave you amazed – all at an affordable price.

Modern Analytical Systems | 10 October Ljubljana

We discussed how businesses transformed from gut-feeling management to data-driven management, how businesses can analyze and visualize large data volumes in order to secure a competitive advantage, and why using “the right tool for the job” is critical for business success.

Analytics is now central to most business roles according to Gartner report, so every business is an analytics business, every business process is an analytics process, and every business user is an analytics user.

But, traditional data warehouse platforms and processes were simply not designed for the changed role of analytics, nor the exponential growth of the data sources, volume and complexity, or extending standard reports and dashboards into data exploration, predictive modeling, and aspects of cognitive computing.

MicroStrategy workshop | 12 December 2016 Ljubljana

Attendees familiarise themselves with the new features and improvements of Microstrategy. They were  able to try some of the novelties from MicroStrategy using the MicroStrategy Desktop like:

  • Supports connection to over 70 different data sources
  • Independent creation of appealing and useful interactive control panels
  • Independent data reformatting and cleaning (data wrangling)
  • Data acquisition from cubes or directly (live) from data sources
  • Control panels (including data) can be easily shared with other team members

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