Data Integration & Quality with Talend

Talend Workshop series | 14 June @14.00

More Data Than Ever

How well do you govern your data in the digital era? Data-driven decision-making across industries is changing dramatically. More data is being produced today than in the previous 5,000 years of human history — roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Companies are making it a top priority to get better data and you should not fall behind.


Hands-on Workshop all about the quality and usefulness of your data

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For business analysts, data stewards, IT engineers, and business users

A unified approach to data quality and data integration

We are inviting you to watch a video of our free workshop titled “Data Integration & Quality with Talend” where you will learn how to integrate trustworthy data using Talends pipeline designer, which allows you to build data pipelines and build new data sets. Much like the first Workshop, it is meant for business users to collaborate on improving data quality and more importantly, the trust in your data.

Talend Pipeline Designer

Watch the video and follow along the step-by-step process!

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