Workshop: Build Dossiers that Delight and Inform

24 November 2021

The measure of intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

by Albert Einstein

MicroStrategy’s Dossiers are the platform’s most used feature and the one, which has undergone most changes over the last years. Here’s just a few things you can do with Dossiers:

  • Add data to a dossier by importing data from a file, database, or the results of a custom database query (that is, Freeform script).
  • Add other objects, such as text, images and Web content to the Dossier.
  • Create new attributes, metrics and groups of attribute elements, based on existing objects.
  • Drag and drop attributes and metrics to display data, create filters, group data, and more.

We hosted a hands-on workshop in November 2021. Below you can find the recording and access to the files, so you can try the exercises yourself.

Go give them a try!

You can follow the same steps by downloading the exercise files here.

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