WEBINAR: Why & How to Migrate to MicroStrategy Analytics Platform

October 11, 2022

The webinar addresses the weaknesses that organizations are facing with their current Business Intelligence (BI) platforms and presents MicroStrategy as a compelling solution. With a multitude of reports and dashboards, limited access to analytical data for many users, and discrepancies between different BI tools’ results, organizations are finding the need to switch to MicroStrategy. The webinar highlights the reasons to opt for MicroStrategy, including its top position in Enterprise Analytics, no product sunsetting, and exceptional migration support. The agenda covers an introduction to the challenges faced, why MicroStrategy excels in Enterprise Analytics, and real-life customer stories from SIJ Group and Crate & Barrel showcasing their migration to MicroStrategy. The webinar aims to provide insights into modern Enterprise Analytics, best practices, and robust security measures.

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