5 reasons why you should join us at the free professional event Zero-Click Analytics

March 26, 2019

We are just one week away from Zero-Click Analytics, a professional event where you will get to know everything about new Microstrategy platform, released in 2019!

There are still some spaces left so make sure you reserve your SPOT.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Zero-Click Analytics:

1. HyperIntelligence. HyperIntelligence is a new category of analytics that imbues every word, object, place, room, and wall – with zero clicks! It is the biggest breakthrough in Analytics in Decades as you no longer have to find answers because answers will find you! HyperIntelligence will be presented by Christoph Schmid, Account Executive at Microstrategy Austria.

2. Other new and exciting features. You will get to know more about Microstrategy Library and Dossier, a perfect combination that makes powerful analytics available to anyone. Furthermore, you will learn how you can create custom digital transformation apps, tailored to any business function so people can make better decisions on the fly with the help of Microstrategy Mobile. We will also introduce new interface Workstation and Platform Analytics, which will replace the Enterprise Manager.

3. Networking with peers. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet with other Microstrategy users, who can be valuable resources for referrals and best-practices.

4. Educational opportunities. Our experts will show you how all the new features of Microstrategy work in practice and will be there for all your questions about it!

5. Have fun. As usual, we will do our best for you to enjoy our company.

The event will take place on 2nd April at 13:00 in KULT316 conference room in Ljubljana. Apply to the event here.

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