CRMT has been rewarded a prestigious Platinum Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate

July 3, 2019

CRMT is placed among the top 1,2 % most successful and trustworthy companies in Slovenia and has been rewarded a prestigious AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate by credit rating company Bisnode.

The AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Rating Excellence is an internationally recognized certificate, representing the topmost rating value of companies. It is based on the company’s financial statements for the previous financial year and predicts the safety of operations within the next twelve months.

Companies which achieve creditworthiness rating are perceived as the most reliable, credible and the least risky legal entities to do business with from the point of view of customers, buyers, suppliers, insurance companies, banks, and others. The AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence signals that the company has achieved above-average results for at least three years in a row.

“Excellent domain knowledge, professional implementation of the best-of-breed solutions for corporate performance management, an excellent team of employees and satisfied clients. These are main reasons why CRMT is the leading consulting company in the field of system integration,”said Daniel Potočnik, partner and CFO.“To make customers smile, make your employees smile first.” he added.

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