CRMT Joins Slovenian Business Club, Sharing a Commitment to Excellence and Integrity

May 20, 2024

CRMT d.o.o. proudly announces its membership in the Slovenian Business Club (SBC), a distinguished association of leading Slovenian entrepreneurs. As a new member, CRMT brings its unique business digitalisation and data-driven decision-making expertise, aligning with SBC’s mission of fostering economic growth and promoting entrepreneurial values.

Slovenian Business Club

About CRMT d.o.o.

As one of Slovenia’s premier consulting firms, CRMT specialises in comprehensive business management (CPM), regulatory reporting, data analytics, and data management. Our twenty-year legacy is built on implementing cutting-edge software solutions that facilitate collecting, integrating, and consolidating past and current data. This approach not only provides insights into past performance but also sets the stage for strategic planning and future business scenarios.

CRMT’s services empower companies to harness their data to understand trends, optimise current operations, and plan strategically for future activities. Our selection of advanced partner software solutions, combined with the deep expertise of our professionals, ensures reliable and consistent outcomes for every project. By offering consulting, project management, and post-project support, CRMT enables clients to maximise their data resources, achieving competitive advantages and business success.

About the Slovenian Business Club

Founded in 2014, the Slovenian Business Club connects exceptional Slovenian entrepreneurs who have developed top-tier companies through their own ideas and efforts. SBC members are renowned for their extraordinary business success, achieved either through personal initiative or as successors of family businesses. They significantly impact the Slovenian economy with remarkable performance and growth metrics.

Key principles of SBC include upholding excellence and integrity through honesty, tax compliance, and maintaining a clean legal record. The club maintains political neutrality, advocating for economic measures with an apolitical stance. It supports economic growth by backing responsible domestic entrepreneurs and fosters mutual support to enhance Slovenia’s business reputation through collaboration. SBC also promotes youth and sustainability by encouraging young entrepreneurs and eco-friendly business models. Additionally, it engages in community development, supporting regional progress and poverty prevention. Finally, SBC champions anti-corruption by promoting integrity and transparency.

Shared Values and Vision

CRMT’s commitment to data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, and business optimisation aligns seamlessly with the Slovenian Business Club’s dedication to excellence, integrity, and economic development. As a member of SBC, CRMT is excited to contribute to the club’s mission and to benefit from the mutual support and growth opportunities provided by this esteemed network.

Joining SBC underscores CRMT’s dedication to advancing business digitalisation and upholding the highest business integrity and community engagement standards. Together, we strive to make Slovenia more entrepreneurial and successful, driving sustainable economic growth and fostering an environment of innovation and excellence.

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