MicroStrategy – the most powerful BI platform for decades

May 11, 2016

MicroStrategy has been known to be among the most advanced, most powerful and most comprehensive Business Intelligence platform for decades, practicaly from their begining in 1989 until now, with version 10, which is one of the best Modern BI platforms.

Modern BI tools need to meet the analytical needs of every user across the enterprise, not just solve a few niche problems.

They should be able to combine the capabilities of enterprise analytics with the flexibility and ease of use of data discovery. That means modern BI is a tool that delivers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Mobile exploration
  • Interactive Visualization
  • Governance and Metadata Management
  • Self-Service Data Preparation.

CRMT represents and implements MicroStrategy 10, which does just that. It’s the only business intelligence offering on the market that delivers both enterprise-grade analytics and data discovery in a single, integrated platform.

That means organizations that deploy MicroStrategy can give their business users intuitive tools for self-service analytics without sacrificing governance, performance, or scalability.

Enterprise reports and dashboards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but neither is the business user demand for easy-to-use data discovery tools. Forward-thinking organizations need to plan for this and choose a modern BI platform that can meet the needs of all their users.

Gartner published Critical Capabilities report for modern BI and we strongly advice to read it. You can reach document at this link.

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