Three days in Portorož to kick off 2019

March 7, 2019

Every year, CRMT organizes a traditional three-day event or a kick off (kick-off). It is a combination of teambuilding, education and communication between the team and company management. This kick-off, held last month in Portorož, was intended for the review of business in 2018 and introducing plans for 2019.

Some employees spent a day at Business Analytics workshop with a guest speaker, other in a workshop designed to learn ETL technology, while the rest of them spent that day planning sales and financial work processes. The workshop was led by the head of the office. The last day of kick-off was intended for teambuilding activities.

In addition, CRMT also organizes regular business breakfasts, one at the end of each quarter. They are designed for a regular overview of business and work on projects and also novelties intended for colleagues.

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