HyperIntelligence from MicroStrategy Makes You Smarter

March 3, 2022 | Data Management | Slavko Kastelic

MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence is the most innovative data analysis solution to hit the market in the previous decade, and it will make you hyper smart. The gap between traditional Business Intelligence and this new notion was so wide that neither potential customers nor independent analysts like Gartner, BARC, and Forrester saw its huge potential.

The breakthrough happened in 2022, when further advancement happened in the solution itself. It has spread greatly in organizations, where they improved their business with extremely interesting use cases. Some aimed for better user experience, others wanted to increase productivity and some wanted to reduce costs and increase revenue. But the best part is, HyperIntelligence optimizes all processes in the company, where you have to make decisions very quickly. The basis for decisions is data coming from IT systems inside and outside the company.

The benefits of implementing HyperIntelligence are enormous and have a snowballing effect. Higher employee productivity, fewer errors, better and more accurate decisions, which means more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers result in satisfied employees, and of course a positive effect on the bottom line of business.

1. Why Do You Need HyperIntelligence From MicroStrategy? 

If you don’t have time to find the data or analytics across different systems or BI applications and you need them to guide an important business decision, you certainly need HyperIntelligence from MicroStrategy.

HyperIntelligence solves this by delivering the information you need in your everyday applications, so you don’t have to search for the data. So the answers find you within your web applications, in Outlook or on your mobile device! 

2. Why Was HyperIntelligence Invented and What is it?

The main reason that MicroStrategy started the development of Hyperintelligence is that more than 70% of employees have not used any analytics at all, despite companies spending a lot on various BI solutions. 

The reasons were different: 

  • from the complexity of the tool, 
  • workload and lack of time, 
  • information is in one or more other systems outside of the application you are working in.

Therefore, MicroStrategy have designed a solution based on these key objectives: 

  • non-invasive ingestion of intelligence in all online solutions
  • The work must be simple and intuitive, without the need for learning.
  • The information should be displayed on the screen when and where the user needs it, it should be comprehensive so the users don’t have to jump to additional solutions.

And then MicroStrategy invented HyperIntelligence.

HyperIntelligence was invented in 2019, and is the industry’s first and only zero-click intelligence product. It brings you the answers you need, when you need them. HyperIntelligence makes every application HyperIntelligent. It increases effectiveness and efficiency of processes and teams across different industries and numerous lines of business. 

HyperCards overlay over the applications you use every day, and you can use it everywhere and every time you need. They bring you answers, analytics, and actions so you can make data-driven decisions in real time. It happens as you’re surfing websites, web applications, as you’re browsing your emails, or anywhere you take your mobile device! HyperIntelligence is the industry’s proven solution to deliver trusted, secure insights making your enterprise more intelligent and profitable.

3. Secret Sauce That Brings HyperIntelligence Into Applications

The secret sauce that brings HyperIntelligence insights, answers, and actions into applications is very simple!

  1. HyperIntelligence scans your websites, web applications, emails, barcodes/QR codes, and calendar to find the keywords that are important to you and your process.
  2. Then it adds an underline to each of the keywords so you can see where insights are available. 
  3. All you need to do during your daily work is hover over an underlined word to see more information about the keyword that you’re interested in knowing more about! 
  4. You can also color underlines to get insights even without a hover. For example, use colored underlines to categorize customers according to their lifetime value. 

And the best part? It’s a no-code solution, so you don’t need an IT team or any coding to build the cards! HyperIntelligence from MicroStrategy is for everyone. If you have data, you can use HyperIntelligence to empower all your employees. Possibilities are endless from: driving in more business, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing customer and employee retention rates, or essentially any KPI that your business can imagine. 

4. Smarter Web, email and mobile

Smarter Websites and Web Applications 

Many companies are already using HyperIntelligence to enrich browsing web applications like Salesforce, Workday, and Agile. All of them prove increasing efficiency, time and money savings by enabling data-driven decision-making in real-time situations which are critical for businesses. 

Contact center agents need more information but they don’t want to keep the customer on hold as they switch through numerous screens and applications to get the information they need. Just bring together all the information you need from disparate systems onto one HyperCard that helps you resolve customer questions in real time, bringing customer satisfaction rates higher. 

But, you have plenty of other possibilities as well. HyperIntelligence surfaces relevant contextual information on all of the webpages that you visit each day, including search engine results, BI applications, and more.

Web browser example

The most important customer data available to you in every web application from CRM, ERP, HR, purchasing or inventory solution in seconds.
Even before you request it.

Smarter Outlook Emails 

For collaboration, organizations have adopted the Outlook add-in. It enables employees to see the information they need alongside the emails that they receive. Received an email about an escalated insurance claim that needs review? HyperIntelligence will find the claim ID in your email and present you with a card full of additional details. HyperIntelligence cards can even include links at the top of each card, so you can instantly take action in other applications—like approving a campaign, case, or quote in Salesforce—with just 1 click! 

Email example

Select the puppy for your kids from the from the proposed list of most children friendly dogs received in the email from the friend. No need to further investigate the web.
In just few seconds.
Even before you request it.

Smarter Mobile Device 

Have a client meeting to go to in 5 minutes and want quick insights on the go? The HyperIntelligence mobile app integrates with your calendar bringing you proactive HyperIntelligence card notifications so you can prepare for your next meeting in just seconds! Have a customer asking questions about product inventory? There is no need for them to wait while you search the back storage. Just scan the product barcode and see a card full of relevant information. Now you can answer customer questions in seconds instead of minutes! 

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