5 important areas of Dresner ADI covered with Exasol

April 19, 2022 | Data Management | Slavko Kastelic

The Wisdom of Crowds Dresner Advisory Services report on Analytical Data Infrastructure (ADI) is an important source of information on what features advanced organizations want (and get) from their data analysis platforms. It also ranks software vendors like Exasol according to their customer satisfaction. Areas of Dresner ADI covered with Exasol are listed below.

For the fifth year in a row, Exasol received an excellent rating of recommendations, which means that 100% of Exasol customers surveyed would recommend the analytical database to others. Exasol was also best in class in 20 criteria, including customer experience, technical support, value, and integrity.

Exasol is positioned in the upper right quadrant of the vendor’s credibility model.

The Dresner ADI report is an excellent benchmark each year for major trends and areas of interest to end users. This year was no exception. The following is a comparison of the trends and characteristics with which Exasol responds to these challenges.

1. The need for better reporting

Dresner findings

The most important example of the use of respondents was the need for business reporting and dashboards. In these uncertain times, timely and accurate access to data is an increasingly important way to stay competitive.

Exasol solution

Exasol Analytical Database provides users with self-service access to relevant information in real time when they need it. This means that you can give everyone who makes and influences decisions access the information they need in a way that they understand. By doing this, they can focus on their work instead of dealing with data. It also removes information bottlenecks by reducing the need for IT professionals or data scientists.

2. Cloud and hybrid configurations

Dresner findings

Most respondents said they wanted a cloud deployment. This is probably due to the relatively lower cost of storing smaller amounts of data. However, they also found a demand for hybrid configurations.

This is certainly not surprising. In rapidly changing environments, an agile strategy is needed, with flexibility and choice in deployment models.

Exasol solution

Exasol gives you the freedom to deploy any of the major models – from on-premise and hybrid to pure SaaS – so you can start right away. Using virtual schemas in an analytical database allows you to analyze data no matter where it is located, without the need to move data.

3. Hybrid Deployment needs Data Integration and Management Tools

Dresner findings

As more and more users opt for hybrid deployment methods, resulting in greater fragmentation of the data infrastructure, which is difficult to manage. Therefore, the report notes the increased demand for data integration (data integration is not stand alone…)  and data management (data management solutions) tools for the deployment of the ADI hybrid platform.

Exasol solution

The latest version of the Exasol SaaS Edition represents a bridge to and from the cloud. It allows two-way data flow with the speed and rate of data migration that suits you. You can update your existing infrastructure and consolidate all your data with a powerful Exasol in-memory database. In addition to helping you overcome barriers to effective business analytics, it will also deliver reports in seconds, improve productivity, and give decision-makers back control of their technology.

4. Memory and data science go hand in hand

Dresner findings

More than 50% of Dresner ADI respondents said in-memory analytics platforms are their preferred choice. This has remained unchanged for the last 4 years. One of the reasons for this is the growing need of companies for data science, which needs a lot of capacity and scalability.

Exasol solution

The Exasol architecture allows you to perform advanced analytical tasks on large amounts of data directly in the database. You can use any data science programming language (including R, Python, Java, Lua).

The transfer of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and business intelligence (BI) algorithms directly to the database is also greatly facilitated. With this, you are perfectly equipped to solve complex analytical challenges such as predictive analytics.

5. Increased security needs

Dresner findings

For the fourth year in a row, about 80% of respondents rated safety and performance as critical and very important features when choosing an ADI platform.

Exasol solution

Exasol implemented enterprise-class security and compliance to protect your data.
This includes data protection, row-based access control, fine-grained privileges, and data encryption. It also supports native integration with cloud security services on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Why the Dresner ADI report matters

Dresner is a highly regarded analytical house in the business intelligence sector.

The report gives an in-depth look at the market, with information gathered from customers to help you choose the optimal solution for your organization. The right analytical platform will provide you with the best efficiency, balance your costs, be easy to deploy and be scalable.

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