Exploring MicroStrategy AI: The Future of Business Intelligence

April 4, 2024 | Data Management | Slavko Kastelic

The blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) reshapes how we understand data. Thanks to advancements in AI, specifically through Large Language Models (LLM), analysing data, making decisions, and boosting efficiency have never been easier or more secure. As this exciting integration picks up speed, it’s clear that some players are leading the pack with their robust and wide-ranging AI solutions.

Introduction to MicroStrategy AI

At the heart of this transformation is MicroStrategy AI. This powerhouse redefines how businesses engage with data, offering deep insights and actionable intelligence in a safe and compliant setting. Leading the way in this AI revolution, MicroStrategy enhances traditional BI with smart, AI-powered features that simplify complex data tasks and sharpen decision-making. Get ready to see your data in a whole new light with MicroStrategy AI.

MicroStrategy AI incorporates a virtual AI assistant named Auto, which facilitates data analysis through an intuitive chatbot interface using natural language.

What is MicroStrategy AI?

MicroStrategy AI is a pioneering addition to the analytics and business intelligence landscape, designed to incorporate generative AI into data applications seamlessly. It’s engineered to transform the way organisations analyse data and engage with insights, streamlining these processes to make them simpler, faster, and more accessible to all.

The Core of MicroStrategy AI: Auto, Your Virtual AI Assistant

At the heart of MicroStrategy AI is Auto, a virtual AI assistant designed to revolutionise data interaction through an intuitive chatbot interface that understands natural language. More than just responding to queries, Auto is adept at automating dashboard and application creation, fine-tuning SQL queries, and making sophisticated data analysis more accessible and user-friendly.

The Intelligent Assistant Ecosystem

Developed on the foundation of Large Language Models (LLM), MicroStrategy AI introduces a suite of intelligent assistants that significantly simplify analytics processes, from data preparation and modelling to SQL query optimisation and dashboard creation. This ecosystem of intelligent assistants embodies the vision of MicroStrategy ONE, making analytics more approachable and integrative into everyday workflows.

Integrating the virtual AI assistant Auto into existing workflows transforms how users interact with data. It combines trusted data sources with AI’s speed to deliver powerful application experiences.

MicroStrategy ONE: A Unique AI/BI Platform

MicroStrategy sets the pace in AI-enhanced BI as a market leader in Enterprise BI, supporting the world’s most innovative companies with large-scale analytics applications. It maintains a steadfast commitment to data accuracy, integrity, and governance on a global level, applying the same care to its AI products.

MicroSTrategy AI/BI platform

AI Features and Capabilities

MicroStrategy AI’s Suite: A Comprehensive AI Product Ecosystem

Its comprehensive suite of AI products showcases MicroStrategy’s commitment to innovation. This includes full GenAI customisation for crafting cutting-edge applications, supported by MicroStrategy Cloud and microservices for rapid, scalable deployments. The suite enables users to engage with conversational AI for insights exploration, AI-powered dashboard design, and independent coding, marking a leap in collaboration and productivity.

Auto: Your Virtual AI Assistant

MicroStrategy offers a full suite of AI products, including full GenAI customisation for creating cutting-edge applications.

Now, let’s dive deeper into what Auto offers!

Auto Answers
Auto, the AI-powered chatbot, embodies MicroStrategy’s mission of intelligence everywhere. It democratises data access using conversational AI and LLMs, allowing users to probe for data points and summaries and explore real-time scenarios, making analytics a breeze.

Auto Dashboard
Auto Dashboard combines Auto’s AI design strengths for fast development of visualisations, dashboards, reports, and apps. It adheres to design rules, remembers past choices, and follows security standards, making creating dashboards easy for anyone, no matter their skill level.

Auto SQL
Auto SQL transforms plain text into efficient SQL commands, simplifying the SQL landscape and making it more accessible. It removes the complexity of SQL queries for architects, enabling table creation, data joining, and interpreting complex queries on the fly.

Advanced Analytics with AI
The AI chatbot facilitates advanced analytics, offering precise forecasting, critical driver analysis, and trend tracking to optimise decision-making and strategy formulation.

Auto Expert
Auto Expert, the AI chatbot, seamlessly merges with MicroStrategy’s platform. It delivers 24/7 personalised support, a broad array of resources, and learning content, ensuring help is always available.

Auto Expert, MicroStrategy's material

Distinct Advantages of MicroStrategy AI

Unparalleled User Experience

What sets MicroStrategy AI apart is its focus on user experience. MicroStrategy AI not only brings advanced capabilities but does so in the most user-friendly manner possible, ensuring AI accessibility to decision-makers. It’s about bringing real-time insights to your fingertips via mobile, web, or email, regardless of your role or technical expertise.

Uncompromised Security and Data Integrity

The backbone of MicroStrategy AI is its Semantic Graph, which ensures unparalleled data accuracy, integrity, and governance through object reusability and transparent lineage. The platform is built on decades of BI expertise, offering transparent and accurate data modelling while supporting data privacy and confidentiality and ensuring compliance with international data protection regulations.

This is critical for maintaining trust in the era of AI-enhanced BI. Moreover, the Auto AI chatbot prioritises data safety, operating within the secure ecosystem of the MicroStrategy platform to protect sensitive information.

Auto Schema

An AI assistant in development to aid architects in creating schema objects, simplifying the process of building the analytics foundation.

Highly Flexible and Future-Proof Architecture

Understanding that each organisation has unique needs, MicroStrategy AI boasts an open, multi-cloud architecture. This composable, plug-and-play framework facilitates easy integration and customisation, allowing data science and development teams to adapt the platform to meet specific product specifications.

Conclusion: A New Paradigm in Business Intelligence

MicroStrategy is committed to making AI transformation straightforward for businesses. Introducing a ‘starter kit’ alongside the AI/BI platform enables businesses to fast-track their AI deployment with expert support from MicroStrategy. This partnership signifies providing cutting-edge AI/BI solutions and a commitment to fostering a data-driven culture within organisations. MicroStrategy AI represents a leap forward for those looking to leverage the full potential of their data through trusted, innovative AI capabilities.

MicroStrategy AI represents not merely an advancement in technology but a paradigm shift in the approach to business intelligence and data analysis. By blending AI’s intuitive, conversational capabilities with the robust, data-driven insights of BI, MicroStrategy AI offers a powerful tool for IT leaders, data specialists, and product managers alike.

Next Steps

As a partner with MicroStrategy, CRMT is here to guide you through integrating the solution into your business operations. Our team of experts is on hand to tailor this transformative technology to your specific needs, unlocking the full potential of your data to drive smarter, faster business decisions.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your data strategy.

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