New Features in MicroStrategy from the Second Half of 2023 Onward

March 19, 2024 | Data Management | Vid Podobnik

MicroStrategy has long been a leading platform in business intelligence and analytics. With the latest updates rolling out in the second half of 2023 and onwards, users have more reasons than ever to consider upgrading their environments.

Here, we dive into the significant updates introduced in the last three versions of MicroStrategy, highlighting the platform’s evolution to what is now known as MicroStrategy ONE since version 2021.10.

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MicroStrategy has long been a leading platform in business intelligence and analytics.

The Enhanced Library Interface

The Library interface has seen several noteworthy enhancements designed to improve user experience and functionality:

  • Report Creation and Management: Users can now create reports directly within the Library interface, simplifying the report generation and management process. Check out this functionality in action! The interface also allows for the granular control of permissions, enabling administrators to grant or revoke access to individual users or user groups.
  • Folder Navigation and Management: Mirroring the familiar browsing experience in the Web interface, the Library now supports folder navigation. Users can edit folders (rename, delete, copy content), add new folders, and create shortcuts to objects, streamlining the organisation of resources. For more information, click here!
  • Subscription Editing and Addition: The ability to edit and add subscriptions directly from the Library interface has been introduced, facilitating easier content distribution and alert management.

Dossier Updates

Dossier functionalities have been significantly expanded, enhancing the analytical capabilities and user interaction with data:

  • Advanced Analytical Features: Introducing parameters and a new object type in Dossier empowers users to conduct “what if” analyses, incorporate advanced metric selectors, and perform time comparisons. These features enable deeper insights and more dynamic data exploration. Check out this functionality in action!
  • Export and Formatting Options: Users now have the flexibility to export the entire Dossier or selected sections to Excel, allowing for the transformation of graphs and other visualisations into tabular formats. Additionally, the “Copy/Paste” formatting option for visualisations streamlines the design process.
  • Enhanced Connectivity and Transaction Services: The update facilitates linking dossiers across projects and transferring responses between connected dossiers. Moreover, the integration of Transaction Services functionality within dossiers, previously a complex document setup, is now more accessible and user-friendly. See this functionality in action!

Visualisation and AI Innovations

Visualisation tools and AI capabilities have received significant upgrades, offering more versatility and intelligence in data analysis:

  • Conditional Display and Enhanced Graphs: Visual elements such as shapes or images can now be conditioned to display based on specific criteria, adding a layer of interactivity to dossiers. Stacked bar graphs have been improved to show individual category values, titles, and summary totals. For more information, click here!
  • Interface and Performance Improvements: The data source addition interface has been modified for a more intuitive user experience. Additionally, cube size reduction through memory compression can decrease cube sizes by up to 50%, enhancing performance.
  • AI Technologies: New AI technologies, exclusive to the cloud version, have been introduced, augmenting the platform’s analytical capabilities with advanced intelligence features.

Future Directions in MicroStrategy’s Evolution

It’s important to highlight that many of the latest innovations, especially those improving the Library and workstation, are exclusive to these environments and unavailable via the Web interface. This strategy reflects MicroStrategy’s dedication to developing its platform with specialised interfaces and functionalities tailored to its users’ diverse requirements.

Through continual advancements in business intelligence and analytics, MicroStrategy aims to enhance user experiences and facilitate deeper data exploration and informed decision-making. For businesses utilising MicroStrategy, keeping up to date is crucial for fully leveraging their investment in the technology.

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