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November 9, 2020 | Robotic Process Automation is an enterprise-grade RPA platform. Its emphasis lies on simplicity and human-robot collaboration.

The digital workers or “robots” imitate the work of their human counterparts. They do so completely unattended and with machine learning and neural networks they also have cognitive capability. Using AI simplifies the build process or a robot and at the same time, it decreases the chances of robot failure due to application interface changes, different screen resolution and other problems, which not all providers can say for their platforms.

Where does excel?

Fast and agile Proof-of-Concept (POC) – In case you are not able to decide which process to automate or what outcome to expect from automation, our consultants can deploy a robot and automate your process (or part of it) as a Proof-of-Concept – in just one week.

Support from consultants – Above all else, every company’s greatest assets are its employees – and we care about our customers. We are offering you support from our consultants in order to make your life easier. In case of an issue, question or request, you can post it on Community, and in a short time our consultants will help you find the solution. academy – One of our goals is knowledge transfer from consultants to customers. Our consultants will get you familiar with the tools and their functionalities. Besides that, all of our customers have access to academy, where employees can gain more knowledge about the platform.

Flexible deployment models – Our extremely flexible deployment models are here to satisfy customer requirements. As a result, offers three different deployment models:

  • On-premise – all components (HQ, robot and chatbot) are deployed on customer environment (on-prem)
  • Hybrid – HQ and chatbot are hosted on infrastructure (cloud) and robots are installed on customer environment (on-prem)
  • Cloud – all components (HQ, robot and chatbot) are deployed on infrastructure (cloud)

Licensing models – Depending on customer’s needs or budget type requirements (CAPEX or OPEX investments), offers three different licensing models: Perpetual, Annual and Pay per use model.

Perpetual – This model is more suited for enterprises who want to own the software and want to make CAPEX investment and is available only in the on-premise deployment model.

  • Customer buys and owns the license perpetually
  • Maintenance is optional and provides rights to upgrades and support

Annual: In this subscription (OPEX) model customer pays for the licenses on a yearly basis:

  • Customer rents the licenses on an annual basis
  • As a result of paying the subscription fees, customers also get upgrades and support
  • That includes maintenance

Pay per use – ai is the only solution on the market that offers this type of licensing. In this model, the customer does not pay upfront for the licensing components of, but rather for the minutes of robot work on a monthly basis.

  • No upfront investment
  • Customer pays only for the resources used
  • Per-minute of robot work
  • Charged monthly
  • Maintenance included

Ready for the next step?

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