CRMT events in 2017

MicroStrategy World | 18 – 20 April Washington

The event was a great opportunity to get knowledge and experience in practical workshops, which helped attendees make a better analysis of their business and better support for business users.

During the event, the attendees got the opportunity to:

  • Participate in workshops regarding different areas of use of MicroStrategy tools,
  • Have access to video content from the conference in real-time or on-demand
  • Meet with MicroStrategy experts,
  • Consult with MicroStrategy partners and solution providers,
  • Improve their technical and professional skills.

Talend lunch | 12 April Ljubljana

Modern organizations are now flooded with large volumes of different kinds of data, which must be properly collected, prepared, and stored in the most appropriate format for high quality and rapid analysis, which is crucial for making the right business decisions.

Technology by itself does not give results. You need to know how to use and implement it in practice, that is why we prepared a brief lunch where attendees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different approaches to the integration of analytic environments and examples of good practice. 

EXASOL Xperience Conference | 3 -5 July Berlin

What attendees got from the event:

  • Networking with participants and data-driven professionals
  • Rich educational contents
  • More knowledge about Exasol and its effective use
  • Insight from other users of EXASOL
  • A Chance to meet with Exasol product experts and get answers to their questions

Tagetik in Touch | 23 – 24 May Lucca

What participants could expect:

  • To learn about the latest innovations that could benefit their organization
  • To see solutions that meet the requirements IFRS9,17,15 and 16
  • Meeting new Tagetik 5 (also Tagetik APM)
  • They could choose from more than 50 sessions
  • Meeting with the leadership of Tagetik, software specialists, consultants, and partners
  • Exchange best practices and ideas with customers, partners, and experts in Tagetik
  • Networking with other participants

MicroStrategy Symposium | 15 November Vienna

MicroStrategy Symposium 2017 in Vienna revealed new version 10.9 with Dossier™ . The event also showed how to get value from big data, build intuitive dashboards and visualizations, and develop custom enterprise apps. Global leaders presented best practices and hands-on experience to get the most out of MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy Dossier™ is still the next big step in the evolution of BI. Dossiers is bringing together data from across the business into intuitive, interactive analytical applications.

This brand-new interface makes slicing and dicing data easier than ever before by delivering sleek, modern filters that allow anyone to navigate their data and hone in on specific areas of interest.

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