CRMT events in 2018

BI or new BI | 20 March Ljubljana

The event had carefully selected content like:

  • Consolidation of BI environments in companies
  • New features in MicroStrategy 10.10
  • IBCS – Business Communication Standards
  • Simple and visual data exploration with MicroStrategy Library

It was meant for business users, developers, analytical system administrators and IT professionals, which will be presented by experts from Slovenia and abroad.

ThoughtSpot – Don’t BI, just search! | 12 October Ljubljana

ThoughtSpot is the leader in search & AI-driven analytics for humans – anyone can use search to analyze company data in seconds and get automated insights in a single click. It is easy for anyone to use, no experts or advanced training needed, even for the most complex queries. Another feature that defines ThoughtSpot is its extreme speed and most importantly, the responses are 100% accurate.

Modern Analytical Data Management Infrastructure | May 15 Ljubljana

Since CRMT is a specialist in analytical systems, the event was focused on the use of relational, special analytical databases, and big data for analytical purposes. Attendees also got to see effective ways of extracting, connecting, cleaning, and transferring data to target systems.

Here are the topics of the event:

  • The architecture of a modern analytical data storage system,
  • MAPR – the only converged big data platform,
  • Exasol – the fastest in-memory analytical database,
  • Talend – Integrate existing systems, Cloud, Big Data, and Whatever Comes Next,
  • A practical example of using an Exasol analytical database in Telekom Slovenije,
  • Practical application of Talend integration platform in Zavarovalnica Sava.

Talend Connect | 12-13 July London

The event took place over two days. The first-day wasTRAINING + PARTNER DAY, where an experienced Talend instructor lead you through hands-on practices, so participants learned how to:

  • Connect to Talend Cloud
  • Perform basic administration tasks using Talend Management Console
  • Create simple Jobs in Talend Studio and publish them as Flows to Talend Cloud
  • Schedule the execution of Flows
  • Create preparations with Talend Cloud Data Preparation
  • Create campaigns and handle tasks with Talend Cloud Data Stewardship

The second day was a CONFERENCE DAY, where the customers presented how they’ve been change agents for digital transformations, Data Masters Awards program celebrated companies using Talend solutions in innovative, forward-thinking ways.

MicroStrategy – WORKSHOP | 18 September Ljubljana

From enterprise reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time telemetry, only MicroStrategy gives organizations the full breadth of capabilities they need to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise. MicroStrategy is built to enable organizations to quickly deploy sophisticated analytical and mobile applications at scale. Their platform architecture is uniquely suited to deliver high-performance applications and meet the business intelligence demands of every user and every organization. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what the attendees learned on the workshop:

  • Foundation for Creating Reports (Calculating Business Data (Metrics) and Business context on a report (Attributes))
  • Creating Reports (Building reports based on pre-designed reports, with templates and from scratch)
  • Filtering reports (How to filter data on reports and building prompts to allow user input)
  • Calculating Data on Reports (Building metrics to calculate data and metrics within reports (derived metrics))
  • Delivering and Sharing Reports (Exporting reports, automatic delivery with subscription, and sharing reports with other users)
  • Dossiers and Visualizations (Introduction to dossiers and visualizations, how to add data to your dossier, displaying data as a visualization, filtering data on a dossier, and sharing it.)

MicroStrategy – Vienna Symposium | 4 October Vienna

Attendees got to learn new insights and learn about best practices from global leaders during the one-day event.

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