Talend compliance with DAMA DMBOK

23 April 2021

On-Demand Webinar (In Slovenian)

Watch this must-see, free on-demand webinar – Talend compliance with the DAMA DMBOK. It is important for everyone working with data quality, data integration, and data management. Talend is related to particular knowledge areas from the DAMA DMBOK standards.

Most companies acknowledge the need for structured physical data assets storage deployment and management, they often lack proper data architecture – the overall structure of data and data-related resources as an integral part of the enterprise architecture. This is where DAMA DMBOK comes into play. It covers planning, oversight, and control over the management of data and the use of data and data-related resources. It’s the very ingredient that leads to the great quality of data.

What’s your data management strategy? Don’t have one? Want to perfect your current one?

Watcg “Talend compliance with DAMA DMBOK” and learn how you can prepare and put the DMBOK to work with Talend.

Contact us if you would like the recording of the webinar.

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