Why Data Trust & Data Quality Matter?

Webinar | 18 October @14.00 CET

Can you make good decisions for your company if you don’t trust the data you work with on a daily basis? Working with data you trust is more important than ever. Using unreliable data affects all aspects of your organization like operational efficiency, customer experience, increases risk and, compliance. So how do you know which data to trust?

Join our free webinar where we talk about data trust and quality challenges and how to address them properly in just 1 hour.

Talend experts will introduce Data quality features as part of Data Fabric. Integrated Machine learning powers recommendations for addressing data quality issues as data flows through your systems. The convenient self-service interface is as intuitive for business users as technical users, fostering company-wide collaboration.


A webinar all about the quality and trust of the data you use daily.

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CxO, DI experts, ETL experts, Business analysts, data stewards, IT engineers & business users

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