Telekom Slovenije on Exasol Xperience conference

July 10, 2018

Big data processing is the new ‘family silver’ of companies

Ljubljana, 13 June 2018 – Today, at the central professional conference on big data processing and analytics Exasol in Berlin, Telekom Slovenije presented the project successfully completed in close cooperation with the Slovenia-based CRMT. This is an outstanding case of best practice at home and abroad, showcasing how a company can efficiently improve its business processes using big data processing and analytics.

The Exasol Xperience Conference is the leading event in the region. The main topic of this year’s two-day professional meeting is the readiness of companies to face extremely fast changes in data processing and analytics.

“Data processing and analytics have caused a revolution in business. They have completely changed thinking, as businesses began to build their strategies and decisions on data. They are becoming increasingly aware that information obtained using big data processing represents a tremendous competitive advantage,” emphasized Slavko Kastelic, marketing and sales director at CRMT. “Today, data monetization is one of the key factors of success.”

The foundation for monetization is a tool that allows a company to quickly and efficiently process useful data, particularly for a specific purpose.

Mr. Rožac is presenting the implementation and use cases on the Exasol conference in Berlin

How did Telekom Slovenije manage to implement an efficient system for big data processing?

Telekom Slovenije, as a large service company, manages huge databases of various data, whose complexity and scope are only growing with the development of technology and increasing demands of corporate customers. That is why the company decided to centralize the process for querying data from numerous databases and to upgrade the data analytics infrastructure. Telekom Slovenije thus chose the advanced solution provided by CRMT. “We were impressed by the responsiveness and exceptional speed at which this solution can process enormous amounts of data from various sources,” said Borut Rožac, a member of the data intelligence team at Telekom Slovenije. “Furthermore, CRMT provided a cost-effective solution, taking into account the costs of licensing, implementation, and maintenance. The option to simply transfer the new tool into the existing environment and the maximum utilization of existing infrastructure were also important factors in our decision.”

Integration with existing systems and hardware was also possible in a very short time, primarily due to the high expertise of both teams – the team of Telekom Slovenije and the team of CRMT.

About CRMT

Slovenia-based CRMT is the leading consulting company for system integration. It provides modern and independent solutions for data management, business intelligence, and corporate performance management (CPM). CRMT is an expert on data integration, data warehousing, big data, advanced analytics, and corporate performance management.

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