CRMT Insider #3

February 21, 2024


Here is the Q3&Q4 2023 edition of the CRMT Insider! Our newsletter contains highlights of the major events, blogs, and announcements all in one place.

This comprehensive webinar focused on ESG reporting, discussing legal and content-related aspects and necessary information support. It provided insights from sustainability experts and covered best practices for implementing ESG reporting in companies.

How to Get Smart: Embedded Analytics

MicroStrategy’s Embedded Analytics Webinar unpacked the value of integrating real-time, actionable insights into applications, empowering instant, informed decision-making. We explored how MicroStrategy drives innovation by strategically leveraging data, providing a competitive edge. Attendees learned cost-effective, efficient deployment strategies, ensuring a rewarding ROI. Highlights included a comprehensive introduction to embedded analytics, real-world case studies, and live MicroStrategy demos.

How to Get Smart: BI Governance

The webinar took attendees on a deep dive into the crucial realm of BI governance, emphasizing the significance of data accuracy, security, and compliance in today’s data-driven landscape. Expert insights, strategies, and real-world examples illuminated the path to effective BI governance. The role of MicroStrategy’s advanced BI tools in enhancing governance was explored, with guest speakers and industry experts sharing invaluable knowledge and experiences. The agenda featured comprehensive discussions on BI governance’s importance and MicroStrategy’s empowering capabilities.

How to Get Smart: AI Capabilities

This event focused on the introduction of MicroStrategy AI, a pioneering platform that integrates generative AI with Business Intelligence (BI). The webinar aimed to transform how organizations interact with data, leveraging large language models and generative AI to enable new ways of data analysis and insight generation

AI Software Launch

MicroStrategy launched its inaugural AI software, leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI. This significant step into the artificial intelligence space underlines MicroStrategy’s commitment to innovation in the business intelligence industry. The AI software integrates advanced technologies, aiming to enhance analytics and business insights.

Leader in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility

Exasol stands out as an Overall Leader in both the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models this year, showcasing unmatched performance across sales, value, functionality, support, and integrity. With a perfect recommend score, Exasol continues to set the benchmark for excellence and trust in the tech industry.

Embracing ESG Reporting: Redefining Corporate Excellence

ESG Benefits

In today’s business landscape, ESG reporting impacts all companies, whether mandated or not. It indirectly influences operations and presents a hidden opportunity for growth, cost savings, risk reduction, and reputation enhancement. ESG fosters innovation, minimizes risks, saves costs, and drives revenue growth. Yet, challenges like data accuracy and reporting requirements exist. Solutions are available to surmount these obstacles and steer companies towards a sustainable and responsible future. Embrace ESG reporting to contribute to a better world. Read full blog.

Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Financial Planning Software

Wolters Kluwer has been acknowledged as a leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Financial Planning Software, showcasing the strengths of its CCH Tagetik AI-based solution in enhancing strategic and operational planning across industries.